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Best and Top high protein foods


Protein is one word that is quite common these days among a lot of health enthusiasts and fitness professionals talk about, you open any informative reel or blog on the internet they pop up by saying that eating a protein-rich diet is important, which is true. That protein should be part of your diet as it has a lot of functions to play whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscles to stay healthy too.

Whey Protein is one nutrient that is essential for your well-being, thus in this blog, we would discuss certain best protein foods that you can add to your diet in order to complete your daily protein intake and progress towards your health goals effectively.

1. Chicken

whey protein

Chicken breast as you might know is one of the best food sources of protein available out there on the market, it is a rich source of best whey protein that gives you about 27gm protein per 100gm serving, along with complete amino acids profiles, which is you get all 9 essential amino acids along with that great taste.

We are pretty sure that most of you know that chicken is a great source of whey protein isolate it's also very cost-effective as well, not very costly like other meats, and blends really well with the curries or in any kind of dish that you would want to eat in a healthy manner.

also, some fitness folks do eat the boiled chicken with some spices which also tastes decently well for.

All in all chicken breast is one protein source that if you eat nonveg you should not miss out on, it's a perfect and complete source of the best whey protein that is easily available and can surely help you in your fitness journey. 

2. Paneer 

whey protein

We Indians just love paneer and honestly not for any of its protein content or what but just for its pure taste, most of us have grown up consuming paneer in our household but not a lot of us know how healthy or how protein-rich it is, well it's not a very amazing source of whey protein isolate we would say but it is one that food that you just cannot miss out on.

100gm of paneer gives you about 18gm of protein, along with a lot of other nutrients such as calcium, and vitamin D that are great for your hormonal health and bones, don't only this paneer also gives your body a decent touch of healthy fats, which is crucial for your hormonal health and well being.

Apart from all the goodness that paneer has to add the last thing that makes paneer a super dish for all health enthusiasts is that it tastes very good, which is you can blend it in a variety of ways and never get boring eating all of it.

3. whey protein

whey protein

This is one source of protein that some people might is not that inclined to but as we say that whey protein concentrate is one of the best innovations when it comes to the fitness industry or general health, best whey protein is nothing but a derivative of milk which is super high in protein, a complete source of protein(has all 9 essential amino acids present in it) and is highly bioavailable as well(which is the ability of the protein to digest in your body).

one serving of whey protein gives you about 25-27gm of high-quality protein that you can consume anytime at any place due to its ease to use and convenience.

Overall whey protein paired with a natural food diet is the best combination that one can make, since eating food at regular intervals doesn't seem very sustainable in the long run hence here the role of whey protein comes in to assist you or help you fulfill 25-27gm of protein easily anywhere.

4. Tofu/ soya chunks

whey protein

One of the best sources of whey protein concentrate for all the vegetarians out there,  not you will find a kind of grey opinion on the soya products on the internet or in the fitness community with respect to the ability of soya chunks to raise estrogen hormone and reduce testosterone and many other reasons what makes soy bad for health.

Now again we are claiming soy is bad or the best source of whey protein concentrate out there, as it all comes down to the bio-individuality of the human being, which is go ahead and consume soy products and find out for yourself how well it is suits your body and not.

One thing that we can assure is that soy products are not as poison as some people claim them to be, you can pair safely them in your diet and see how well your body reacts or adapts to them. If it does you can go ahead with it safely and if not you have your own call.

5. Eggs

whey protein

Now when it comes to the best source of protein, one food item that we just cannot miss out on is eggs, eggs are perhaps the best source of whey protein isolate that anyone can add to their diet, they are easily available, affordable, taste super amazing, full of essential nutrients and healthy fats and obviously high-quality protein, you get about 6gm of protein per whole egg and about 3.5 in one egg white. Eggs are perhaps the most sorted breakfast that you can consume as they also don't take too much time to cook and are full of nutrition, taste, and almost everything that you can ask for.

You can have them in the form of egg Bhurji, egg omelet, boiled eggs, egg sandwiches, sunny side up, and what not, which also makes eggs the perfect breakfast to start your day with.

As it's a good source of fats and whey protein concentrate it is great for your blood sugar levels as well.

Bottom line:-

These are some of the best sources of protein-rich food that you can add to your diet to achieve your health and fitness goals, it does not matter whether you go to the gym or not, eating a diet that is rich in the best whey protein is ideal for your good health and longevity.

Be it your bones and joint health or overall metabolism or hormones or skin health, protein has a lot of functions to play in your body, which is eating a good amount is essential.

Stack your diet with these whey protein isolate sources and progress towards your health and fitness journey.

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