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whey protein

Which Whey Protein is better for Muscle Gaining?

whey protein
Muscle development and muscle gaining is a beautiful process where one individual gets into the deep process of working hard with their training and nutrition and recovery every day just to translate the dream into reality, Now as most of us know that how crucial protein has a role to play in the development of
muscles, a protein which is a chain of amino acids is required to build the muscle's breakdown and promote muscle protein synthesis in our body.
Apart from this protein is also really crucial for another aspect in our body from hormones to tissues repairment, protein is really important for our bodies.   

Now the protein requirement may vary from person to person, as everybody is different with respect to the goal, one thing that everyone can surely add to make the process of meeting daily protein requirements easy is to add protein powder of a good quality which is adding a scoop or two of whey protein to one's diet, which can surely help anyone to gain muscles and promote adherence to one's diet as whey protein make the whole game simplified.

whey protein

Why should you add whey protein?

Often a lot of gym-goers ask that why they should be having whey protein to maximize their gains, the reason is that whey protein is a fast-absorbing source of protein that one requires immediately after the workout, also whey protein offers a high-quality protein, which has all 9 essential amino acids and offers the highest bio viability(rate of absorption) in the body.

whey protein

Also if you are an average human who weighs around 75-80 kg your body does require 140-150 gm of protein on a daily basis and completing it through food may be a difficult task, as one scoop of whey protein gives equal protein as 100 gm of chicken breast or 5 eggs

which makes the whole process easier and if you are a vegetarian than whey protein is a kind of necessity since most of the veg protein sources are not a complete or lean source of protein, thus adding whey protein in your diet makes the whole process sorted and simple.

How many scoops a day ?

Well, it depends from person to person, as everyone has a different weight, height and age, and goals but one can safely take 2-3 scoops of whey protein every day as it is a convenient source of protein supplement.

whey protein

But due to the simplicity and benefits, one can easily add whey protein at any time of the day or with any meal that lacks protein such as oats, smoothies, cookies, etc

How many types of whey protein are there ?

There are 3 types of whey protein that usually exists, which are whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolyzed, the main difference between these is that whey isolate and hydrolyzed has more content of protein than the concentrate one and has slightly lesser carbs and lactose, 

thus if you are someone who wants to take their body to next level and is not good with lactose you can opt for whey isolate and hydrolyzed, however, whey concentrate is equally good with respect to the protein content, you can look for your body and goals and choose the best whey protein for you, as all of them are good in their own space.

Now, these are some factors that any person should consider while purchasing whey protein


Whey protein must taste good as when you mix your scoop of whey with milk or water or any meal, it should enhance the flavor and satisfy your taste buds while giving the body much-required protein

2. Mixability

Whey protein should get mixed very easily and quickly the moment you add it to your shaker or elsewhere, since mixability ensures the quality of the product, the faster it absorbs, the better the quality of the product is.

3.Cost per serving

The whey protein that you buy or consume should be little sensitive to cost-effectiveness, which is the cost per serving of the whey protein should be economical and affordable so that you can add this wonderful supplement to your stack easily.

4.Protein Content per serving 

The whey protein that you consume should yield a high protein content per serving of the scoop, hence make sure and keep a check on the protein content per serving, the most optimal and suitable range is 24-27 gm of protein per 30 gm of serving, which can help you to meet your daily protein requirement of the day easily.

Therefore go for the whey protein that checks all of the boxes like this one of being a good whey protein which can make your gains easier and your fitness journey enjoyable.

One Whey protein that ensures all the qualities of a good protein supplement is Big muscles Premium Gold Whey Protein, 

whey protein

which is a world-class formulation of whey protein isolate and concentrate that gives your body the needed 25 gm of protein per serving, as the main ingredient here is whey protein isolate, which will make ensure maximum absorption of protein in your bloodstream,

just like the way this protein will absorb in your body, in a similar fashion it will also dissolve rapidly with water, in the span of few shakes, that verifies the premium quality of the product.

Hence you can add this whey protein to your diet to hit your daily protein requirement goals, you can have it with water or milk or add it to any meal that lacks protein such as 

smoothies/oats/cookies to make them healthy and delicious at the same time, as premium gold whey comes in 8 different variety of flavors such as salted caramel, rocky road, cookies and cream, smooth banana cream, strawberry milkshake, vanilla cream, Belgian chocolate, and cafe latte

The biggest advantage of this whey protein is that it is really cost-effective and doesn't put a single dent in your pocket as you can get 1 kg of this protein in just rupees 1299 which is a high-quality blend of whey isolate with amazing taste.

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