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l carnitine

What does L carnitine do?


l carnitine

If you are someone who is into fitness lifestyle or gym, one supplement that you might have heard about is L-carnitine, popularity known as a fat burning supplement, it is very commonly used among a lot of professional bodybuilders/ fitness enthusiasts to help them to reduce their body fat and look more chiseled and lean Most athletes use it during their professional prep times or for the times when they are looking to shed more fat percentage from their body naturally, they tend to take a little support from supplements like l carnitine.

Since this supplement is known for its fat-cutting properties, many people assume this supplement to be a magical pill that would help them to burn fat without any effort or making changes in their lifestyle, which is not true.

Hence in this blog, we would have a detailed discussion on this supplement on what it is, how it works, is it safe to consume, and how one should approach consuming this supplement.

What is L carnitine?

l carnitine

L carnitine supplement is basically a naturally occurring amino acid that is also synthesized in our body naturally, it is made in the brain, liver, and kidneys naturally in the human body, and it helps to carry the process of fat burning as energy for the body's fuel.

Thus the basic role of these amino acids is to transfer or use fat from our body into the cells for energy production to carry out basic activities.

This naturally occurring amino acid has a lot to do with the human body, ranging from a healthy heart to brain function to muscle development to many other vital processes in the human body.

You get a certain amount of L carnitine supplement from diet and the food that we eat, mostly from the red meat but you also get some amount in avocado and soybean if you talk about the plant-based sources.

Benefits of L carnitine:-

These are some benefits:-

1. Enhanced Exercise performance and recovery

l carnitine

It's evident that carnitine has a positive effect on fat-burning capabilities but in some studies and research, it also has been proven that this amino acid also helps to elevate one workout and physical performance as it helps to optimize your body how to use fat as a source of energy for that additional workouts boost.

Research also shows that supplementing with carnitine also helps to reduce metabolic stress in the body which helps you to work out for a longer duration of time and it also helps with reducing muscle soreness, which overall builds an effective foundation for better workout performances.

2. weight loss

l carnitine

L carnitine tablets are almost a synonym for weight loss since this amino acid helps to utilize one fat cell as a source of energy. It has been shown that consumption of this supplement along with a healthy lifestyle helps to improve the rate of weight loss.

Hence if you are looking to shed some extra fat from your body and you are leading a healthy lifestyle, which is maintaining a healthy relationship with food, sleep, and workout, the addition of l carnitine tablets can be useful to help you lose some extra fat. Again this varies from person to person, as there has been a mixed response to this supplement, which is that everyone gets different results, but you can have your call by using it according to your requirements.

3. Improves your brain functioning

l carnitine

L- carnitine supplement may pave the path toward healthy brain functioning, in some studies performed on animals it has been shown that the addition of carnitine in the diet helps their brain to develop better with respect to analytics and learning and also helps to prevent mental decline due to aging.

Daily consumption of this supplement has also been shown to reduce brain problems like Alzheimer’s and other brain conditions in humans, which overall improves the capabilities of one brain and ensures healthy brain functions by preventing your brain from cell damage.

4. Good for your heart 

Although there has not been a strong conviction on this in some studies, consumption of L-carnitine tablets has shown to reduce blood pressure and lower the inflammation in the body yielding a positive effect on one's heart health. L carnitine tablets also help to improve the parameters of heart health that helps to reduce problems like stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

How much should you intake?

l carnitine

Although various studies show different amounts of l carnitine supplement dosage, the ideal and the best dosage is up to 1000 mg of this supplement a day. That you can take 1 hour prior to your workout or even after your workout, there are no white or black rules over here on when you should consume L carnitine tablets.





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