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whey protein

What are the side effects of whey protein ?


5 Whey Protein Side effects

whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most popular and old dietary supplements that exist in the health and fitness industry, the way by which supplement eases the difficult task of meeting out daily intake is the reason why is so popular, apart from this is also the most researched supplement and the most consumed one as well as it gives a complete 25–27 gm of fast-digesting  per serving.

whey protein

Although with lots of advantages, whey protein side effects can also cause some  that you should always be aware of for better health awareness.hence these are 5 whey protein side effects that one should know about.

1. Digestive issues

it is made up of milk, which contains lactose, which is a type of sugar found in dairy, and with people who are lactose intolerant which is if their body cannot digest lactose, they can face some digestive issues related to lactose digestion such as a bloating, acidity, gas, vomiting and diarrhea which are a quite a

whey protein

serious problems one has to face if they are body cannot deal with lactose effectively, hence if you are someone who is lactose intolerance than avoiding consuming protein can potentially cause you some problems and uneasiness as well.

2.  Hormonal issues

Since it is derived from milk, along with the goodness of essential nutrients milk has also added hormones that in some cases naturally present in them, or in the majority of cases, dairy farmers inject artificial hormones to the cows to extract large quantities of milk and hence the milk has also free flow of hormones like

whey protein

estrogen that enters the human body when one consumes it, now it may not hammer some people but for the people who are sensitive to hormonal imbalances may feel a lot of problems like acne, hair fall, oily skin, gut issues and P C O S(in women)

Thus if you are someone who is more sensitive towards hormonal changes, the addition of whey protein in your diet can make it a little worse for your body, thus avoiding  could be the best case over here.

3.  Kidney problems

Protein is essential for all human beings out there, from healthy muscle mass to bone health to hormones to skin and hair health, it is an important nutrient for the human body but if one person is consuming more  than their body require it can lead to deterioration of kidney as the main function of kidneys is to filter out

whey protein

the blood and if you are loaded with a lot of protein, it will make a little difficult for the kidney to filter out the excess from your blood and as supplement gives you a high amount of protein easily, consuming more supplement  daily can put you on that risky zone where your kidneys have might have to suffer.

4. Whey Protein side effects can make you ill

With the rise of  supplements in the market, there is also the increase of fake supplement just like any other thing like mineral water or basic foods, now as is on the expensive side the margins involved are much more that gives birth to more delicacy and adulteration in supplement which can cause serious issues in one health,

especially to one's digestive health and liver and kidney health as these cheap and fake supplements are made with crap quality and if one is new to supplements there are high chances that any person can fall into the web.

5. Side effects May give you Acne

Since supplement  is derived from milk, various Researchers suspect that there is a correlation between milk and acne, due to the fact that milk and milk products contain I G F-1, a growth-promoting hormone positively associated with the increase of estrogen factors linked to the appearance of acne and thus

whey protein

if you are someone who is little sensitive to dairy, consuming protein and whey protein side effects might give you some breakouts in the form of acne, which is never a good thing to have.

While protein is a great dietary supplement that anyone can add on the other side of whey protein, there are some protein side effects as mentioned above that can disturb one's body health and harmony, hence consuming in accordance with your health practitioner and regulating how your body reacts to it.

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