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healthy eating habits

What are the 5 healthy eating habits?



healthy eating habits

Eating food is one thing that every living being on this planet does every day to live and sustain their body to meet daily life challenges.
We all love food and relish every bite of it as it satisfies our taste buds, provides us energy, and nourishes our bodies to function optimally and we just love to eat food, right?

But most of us are so much into our work and study that we barely spend time to think that how do we eat food is also important with respect to what you eat, hence in this blog we would discuss about certain mistakes that we make while eating our food and what are the 5 healthy eating habits that we can integrate into our routine for a healthy and holistic life.


1. Chewing your food slowly


healthy eating habits

-Well since most of us don't pay attention to the speed we eat out food, basically because of the reasons that the food is delicious or we are so hungry or we don't have much time, well whatever the reasons you have, always understands this thing that your food is much better digested and assimilated in your body when you eat in slowly, which is you chew your food thoroughly and slowly so that you are chewing and breaking your food into the best possible size for your digestive system to work upon.

Hence whenever you are eating the food next time, try to chew and bite your food a little slower than usual and feel the difference in your body, this technique would also help you reduce your weight too since you would be eating fewer calories than usual, your hunger would be satisfied with less food as you chew it properly and you would also improve your digestive health, that can surely improve your fitness levels and help you lose some weight.


2. Not watching any tv/another medium while eating

healthy eating habits

-in the times of Netflix and youtube, we keep our food on the side until we found that perfect episode to partner our food as well, we are sure a lot of people these days do so and we somehow reduce that harmony between our bodies and that food.

Food is much more than a way to satisfy your taste buds and curb your hunger, food is meant to nourish your body, to protect you from disease, to optimize your health, and so on, the relationship between you and food should be little mindful, which is when you are eating the food,

don't distract your mind with any other source of entertainment, just relish every bite and involve yourself a little more with foods while eating, this would again improve your relationship with food and would surely benefit you more if you are eating mindfully.

3. Eating a Balanced diet

healthy eating

-We all have been taught from the schools that the best diet for human beings is a balanced diet, that is comprised of good carbs, protein, and fats along with good vitamins and minerals.

But most of us don't really pay attention to what do we eat,  we often tend to eat the foods that are cooked in our household, which is good but one thing that most of the Indian diet lacks is protein, we often consume more carbs and fats in our diet and neglect protein like Arjun Kapoor movies.

Therefore try to reduce your carbs intake a bit and balance it with some good salad, curd/pickle and add some good protein in your diet, like chicken, eggs, paneer, tofu, soya chunks, and whey protein.

and yes anyone can consume whey protein in their diet, whether you workout or not, it's just a convenient source of complete protein, just make sure that you consume a good quality and affordable whey protein like Big muscle nutrition[]

4. Not eating till you are full

healthy eating habits

-One particular habit that has made Japanese people so healthy and fit is they avoid the protocol of overeating and they eat their food when they are up to 80% full, which is they don't eat till they are full or overeat, which is a great habit that you can integrate into your life to be healthy and fit.

Since it allows us to reduce our daily calories consumption and does not overburden our digestive system with a lot of stress and as we know our gut health is one of the most important aspects of our body.

Although this thing is also mentioned in our ancient scriptures like Ayurveda, where it is advised to eat the food till you are 80% full and it completely makes sense with respect to one's fitness goals and health

And don't worry that you would be hungry if you do, your body will get adjusted to it in a span of a few days.Trust us you would love this habit!

5. Hydration is the key

healthy eating habits


-Our bodies are made up of 70% water, the earth is covered from 73% of water, do these statements tell you something about water? well, actually not!

Water is the most important thing that a human being requires, you can survive without food for several days but not without water, which proves how essential it is for our body and why we need to stay hydrated as much as possible.

Since water allows various fluids and electrolytes in our body to function, it helps in making blood and so on it is the foundation of our existence, therefore try to drink as much as water you can, obviously drink it when you are thirsty, but also make some time other than that to quench some water additionally.

Also add some fruits, vegetables, coconut water, healthy beverage the part of your diet so that you remain on the top of your hydration game.

One other healthy habit that you can do is to sip on some warm water by the time you wake up or at any time of the day, it's great for one digestion.

Bottom line:

 Thus these are some easy habits that you can integrate into your life for a healthy and fit body.

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