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Performance hi pehchaan



Performance hi pehchaan

Recently on 20 September 2021, the world-leading supplement brand, Big muscles nutrition came up with a new campaign featuring the powerhouse, Mr. Ranveer Singh, with the motto "Performance hi Pehchaan hai".

The ad signifies the importance of having that never-give-up attitude in your life and always trying to aim for your goal along with optimal performance that describes our brand core values as well.

Ranveer singh

The motto "Performance Hi Pehchan Hai" focuses on the importance of consistency, embracing discipline within your tasks, eating up all the sacrifices with a smile just to make sure that you give your 100% towards your goals and growth irrespective of the outcome. Even if you constantly showing up with your daily tasks with the hardcore dedication, then my friend you are on the right path of making your identity with your performance, which completely justifies the motto "Performance Hi Pehchaan hai"

The idea behind this campaign was to ignite the fire among each and every person who are passionate about Fitness just like us , so that they can discover the path of hard work, consistency and sincere efforts for their goal to establish their own version of "Performance hi Pehchaan hai"

Ranveer singh

Now to take you on a little ride for the longest time a lot of fake supplements and food products were dumped in the Indian market that were not real and certainly not very safe for consumption too.
Which created that fearful environment in the market among the consumers , that is it even safe to consume protein supplements? 
As not only these supplements were fake but they cost expensive as well for any middle class house.

Hence to solve this problem effectively Mr. Suhel Vats founded Big Muscles Nutrition In the year 2009, a food supplement brand that has grown dramatically in the last few years and received a lot of love, support and appreciation from the young athletes and consumers across the country.

Ranveer singh

Catering the world with premium quality supplements at an affordable price is the ultimate motto for our brand from the very beginning of our journey. At the start, the brand focused on providing authentic and safe quality supplements to each and every Indian household so that people can meet their fitness goals without bothering much about their daily budget and health at the same time.

By providing great quality and greater quantity, Big Muscles Nutrition has transformed opportunities into goals. The trust the company has built with its customers is from the day we started.

Ranveer singh

Today Big Muscles Nutrition offers products like whey proteins, mass gainers, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout essentials, creatine, fish oil, and many other wellness products. All the products are registered by the FDA and approved by FSSAI.

Recently Big muscles nutrition also innovated with the way by which people consume whey protein, as for the longest time people were consuming regular chocolate or vanilla flavors which got quite monotonous for a lot of people who consumes whey protein daily,

Thus to break this tired chain of flavors, Big Muscles Nutrition came up with an innovative way to deliver whey protein as Frotein, India’s first fruit-flavored whey protein supplement.

So that you can enjoy your gains without compromising on your taste buds and relish the whey protein goodness in 7 exciting fruit flavors

 Big muscle nutrition also empowers a lot of young athletes who want to raise the country flag across borders by sponsoring them as an athlete, so that they can continue with their preparation without any stress about their daily supplements expenses.

To also support the bodybuilding and fitness industry Big Muscles' nutrition product sponsors the International Health, Sports and Fitness Festival (IHFF) to encourage and promote fitness across every household.

In the last couple of years, Big Muscles Nutrition has won people’s trust and has dominated the fitness sector with its authentic and innovative products.
As of now we have a great variety of protein supplements , from Raw and organic whey to Premium Gold(which is our best seller) to Frotein to Nitric whey , you ask any kind of requirement for your body , we have world class quality solutions for you(and that too budget friendly)

Our brand since 2018 has got Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador, as the vibe and energy of Mr. Ranveer Singh truly resonated with our brand and its vision and there is no better person than Mr Ranveer Singh to be the face of our brand and the campaign.

Ranveer singh
The first campaign that we came up in the year 2018 was "Stronger than you think", that strongly emphasized on the power of one mind, that how much stronger you are from what you think of yourself, if you just put the right work over a period of time you would achieve some astonishing results for yourself

That campaign proudly was a huge hit and created a lot of impact among a wide range of youth across the country that motivated a lot of people to push their baby step towards their growth mentally and physically as well.

As one thing that we as a supplement brand have seen is that a lot of people among the youth have great capabilities and potential, the only thing that they lack is direction , where we tried our level best to yield a positive momentum in their lives.

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