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healthy diet

How to start eating healthy? 5 tips for healthy eating!


healthy diet

Often a lot of us complain or postpone the idea of starting eating a healthy diet or making that shift towards better food choices but most of us don't initiate that effort to eat healthily or found it very stressful, as we assume that we have to give up on basic joys of life by avoiding junk and processed foods. 

Well, the truth is slightly different, which is you don't have to suffer to eat healthy food or lose weight as well, you just need to have the right set of knowledge, positive direction and a little bit of effort from your side, you can crack the right code of to start eating a healthy diet.

Hence in this blog, we would discuss 5 those easy tips from where you can start eating healthy and take a positive direction in your life with respect to your health and trust us when we say this, you will never regret eating a healthy diet or making these small changes in your lifestyle, as you will get those changes in your life, which would be worth more than any of your addiction towards food.

And don't worry we are not asking you to leave any particular food item, but learn the art of eating a healthy diet most of the time and indulging in your favorite food too!

1. Eat when you are 80% fuller/Mindfulness

healthy diet

This is one of the eldest and ancient practices mentioned in Ayurveda and is also very popularly used in Japan, which is you have to stop eating your food when you are 80% fuller, this allows your body to digest and utilize the nutrients better and also not to feed your body with unwanted calories or food that ultimately result in fat gain over a period of time.

This little hack will also help you to be more energetic post your meals, as your digestive system will work effectively to assimilate the foods, and ultimately it will keep your body in the state of calorie deficit or maintenance, that will ensure that you are not gaining unwanted fat for better health and longevity.

Thus next time don't be afraid to say no to that extra roti/rice left on the plate to fill yourself, stand from your place when you are almost done.

2. Balance your meals

healthy diet

We have been told from a little age that we should aim to eat a balanced healthy diet, for better health but somehow down the line, we don't stress much on what particular foods brings to our body, except taste and availability.

Well, but if you are on your way to being fitter and healthy, one thing that you should practice is to eat a balanced healthy diet, which is to balance your meal with good protein, healthy fats, and carbs.

If you are born and brought up in India, there is a high chance that your diet would be high in carbs and fats, and protein would be as little as your respect towards your relatives.

Thus try to make this habit of adding some amount of protein in your major meals, for instance, if dal rice is your lunch, add some stir-fried paneer/tofu or eggs or chicken too, just for that little touch of protein.

Not only this trick would help you to lose weight, but it will also keep a check on your blood sugar levels, which are crucial for your health.

3. Add Probiotic food to your healthy diet 

healthy diet

Prebiotic foods are the foods that help one to improve their gut health, as prebiotics is the food of the enzyme sitting in your gut, hence this results in better food available for the bacteria in the gut and good gut health.

Gut health is crucial for your mind, body and almost every other crucial parameter of your body, small problems like acidity, bloating and indigestion are the initial signs of bad gut health.

Thus try to add some of the prebiotic foods in your diet, coming from India you don't have to look here and there as in many Indian foods, prebiotic-rich foods are there, foods like idli, dosa, curd, pickle are some great examples of taste and prebiotics.

which is why it is not very tough to add these foods to your healthy diet. You can also add apple cider vinegar or kuchumba to your diet too.

4. Reduce unwanted food items

healthy diet

As human beings, we love to eat our favorite food items like chips, biscuits, sodas, sugar-dense juice, and many more things that we have been exposed to from childhood and that exist in our system.

Now eating your favorite food item once a while or in moderation is not bad at all, you can eat your favorite junk foods once in a while or as we said in moderation with a healthy diet and lifestyle, but no one thinks or initiate this cause of reducing these foods items from there diet as we are addicted to them.

thus take your first step of reducing the foods items that don't add value on the nutritional scale, and gradually make them a very small part of your diet that you enjoy some time over a course of time, but seeing the stats we know that junk foods are the part of lifestyle for many people, hence start it by reducing it gradually Trust us on this, that there are a lot healthier and quality delicious alternatives in the market or in your kitchen for your favorite food.

5. Add Variety to your healthy diet

healthy diet

Make the process of eating healthily enjoyable not boring or stressful, you should look forward to eating a healthy diet and decisions foods instead of having thought of sacrifice or pain, trust us eating a healthy diet can be equally delicious and exciting for everyone, as the diet which you can't sustain for a week, you won't be able to sustain in for your life.

Thus add various kinds of food, cuisine, fruits, and vegetable to your diet to make it more exciting and enjoyable so that you don't tag eating a healthy diet as punishment,

Think of chole rice, it is just as healthy as broccoli, as this dish gives you protein and carbs and is just mouth-watering. You can even enjoy matar paneer with some roti and salad, you can even have chicken curry with rice.

All in all the idea is that eating a healthy diet is not stressful if you know the maths right, add a variety of flavors and dishes to your diet, have a good workout and sleep pattern, and believe us you would be more than happy for yourself.





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