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belly fat

Does skipping rope reduce belly fat ?


The relation between belly fat and magic fat-burning properties is one of the old conversations that are still active in the weight loss space, where most males or men carrying the pressure or beer belly or food belly want to reduce just the weight or fat around their belly area.

This is why a lot of people constantly ask how to reduce their belly fat or what is the best exercise to do so, Thus just like everyone we also went on google and asked what is the best workout to reduce belly fat and we got various answers and solutions, and one of the best solutions that we got is jumping rope! 

Now in this blog, we would discuss in brief whether skipping rope really helps you to lose belly fat or if it's just another myth on the internet. 

What is the truth? Yes or no?

belly fat

Now coming to the direct answer, whether jumping rope can help you to reduce belly fat or not is "yes" but there is more to this small word answer. Jumping rope can definitely help you to lose your belly fat burner because,

1.  It's a great exercise, by this, we mean that jumping rope burns a great set of calories which is even more than any other traditional form of workout, your body on an average burns about 12-18 calories per minute of jumping rope which is great if you are looking to shed some fat from your body.

2.  It helps to work on your overall body, now when you jump rope you are not just jumping, you are also enabling multiple parts of your body to move and strengthen, which helps you to achieve a stronger and a well build body.

3.  Jumping rope is fun, which is you will be never bored of jumping rope like walking or running, and hence you can sustain it for a longer period of time.

4.  It's a great combination of cardio and a little bit of strength training, which is a great tool of exercise if you are looking to shed some fat from your body.

No wonder why a lot of athletes and sportspeople add this great workout to their routine to stay fit and be in the best shape.

Spot Reduction? Is it possible?

belly fat

Now one thing that you as a smart reader should know is that there is no such concept as the term called spot reduction of fat in the body, which is you cannot lose fat from any specific part of your body or cannot target spot reducing of fat from any particular part of your body, the process of fat loss takes place throughout your body, that is fat drops overall from your body instead of dropping from any particular region. Hence one thing that you should take into the notice from now is that you can never target to reduce fat from any particular region of your body, like the hips, belly, face, or arms. You can only reduce the overall fat percentage in your body, which would eventually reduce fat from the areas that bother you. 

Now coming back to where we began, you cannot target to reduce belly fat form but you can surely target to reduce your overall body fat which would eventually reduce fat from the areas that you want like face, hips, belly, or any other part.

 What it would take?

belly fat

Now since we had made it clear that there is no such concept of spot reduction, which is you cannot target to lose fat from any specific area of your body, you have to drop your overall body fat But how can you do it?

That's where skipping or jumping rope can help you to fat burn some additional calories that will allow your body to be in a state of a calorie deficit and lose fat eventually. The second thing that you have to do is to take care of your diet and ensure a calorie deficit you can do this by eating a balanced diet and eating till you are 80% fuller.

Also, make sure that you are sleeping well and hydrating your body while fulfilling the required nutrients for your body, which will ensure that you lose fat in a healthy manner.


belly fat

Now the takeaway from this blog is that,

1. You cannot reduce fat from any specific area or region, the fat of your body drops overall from your body which may help to reduce it from the areas that you would want.

2.  Exercise is really important when it comes to losing weight as it allows your body to preserve muscle mass, burn additional calories, improve your mood and cardiovascular health and add that extra layer of fun and motivation. Whereas exercise like jumping rope can be a game-changer as they are easy to perform and burns an ample amount of calories per session when compared with any other exercise, that helps you to reach your goals faster.

3.  There is equal importance to your diet and sleep that can eventually help you lose fat, if you are not eating food(calories) in a deficit state, or you are not sleeping properly, the chances of you losing that extra pound of fat would be little difficult,

Hence try to balance the weight loss tripod stand by eating well and a little less, working out, and sleeping tight.

Which would surely help you to drop that extra number on the weighing scale.






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