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Diet vs exercise which one is more important for weight loss?

Diet vs exercise which one is more important for weight loss?


Diet exercise

Weight loss is and will be one of the most subjective topics on the internet. Across the lobby, since there are 100 people with 100 of advice on how one can lose weight, what is the best kind of workouts that is suitable to shed some extra body fat, or what diets work like magic, there is endless debate on this that can happen on the internet.

But here this blog will discuss what really matters when it comes to weight loss or upvoting your health, workout, or diet?

Since there are multiple perceptions of people that workouts are more important to losing weight, some section of people says that diet is what really matters, as you are what you eat. Hence in this blog, we would give you a brief about what should be your perception of diet and exercise when it comes to weight loss,

Nutrition Matters

weight loss

Since whenever we talk about weight loss, our main objective is to lose fat from our body and get fit, the obvious thing that comes along with weight loss is the way how one eats their food or diet, many people have this misconception about diet is that they have to eat boiled food or tones of untasty or raw food that a person finds hard to eat.

Well, this is totally not true, your diet or nutrition is the main part of your lifestyle that has to be designed in a way that ensures sustainability and longevity, a good diet plan is the one that helps to nourish your body and keep your taste buds satisfied, the one that keeps you full and satiated, the one that satisfies all of your cravings while allowing your body to be in a state of calorie deficit

Now Calorie deficit is the state where one is eating fewer calories(energy) than your body demands, for eg if you are body demands 3000 calories to maintain its body weight and if you end up maintaining 2500 calories a day by working out and eating little fewer calories you will be in the state of a calorie deficit and will lose body fat over a period of time.

But apart from the calorie deficit you also need to make sure that your body is getting an adequate amount of nutrients to fulfill its nutritional necessity and optimize overall health.

Workout Matters

diet exercise

Now if you are someone who is not very fond of working out or going to the gym, there is one thing that you need to make clear is that working out is equally important as your diet since you don't exercise just to lose weight, you go to the gym or perform any kind of other activities to improve other aspects of your health as well.

Since when you exercise you are uplifting the health of your heart, you are building a good amount of muscles that help to regulate your blood sugar levels, build muscles and improve bone health, you also improve your lung health when you exercise, your immunity levels build up and there are a lot of other benefits that are been added to your body when you exercise.

If you are someone who also feels low on energy, working out is the best form of medicine that you can take.

Apart from the concept of weight loss workout has a lot to add to your body and health, weight loss is just one output of working out, working out or exercising regularly also adds a lot to your plate by improving the quality of your life that you should not miss out on.

Hence working out or exercise not only helps to burn calories that assisted you with fat loss but also upgrades various other parameters of your life that are way more crucial than fat loss hence if you anyone wants to lose weight in a healthy way, working out is something that you can't miss out on. Pick a workout that you enjoy and sustain with it

Additional tips to lose weight 

Now we have made it clear that your workouts are as important as your nutrition if you want to achieve the best version of your body and health Now, apart from this, there are certain tips that will additionally help you to lose weight,

1. Drink a good amount of water

weight loss


As you might know, that hydration is important for your body, many of the essential processes take out place in your body when you are well hydrated, from cell detoxification to tissue requirement to many more, hence try to stay hydrated.

By hydration you don't have to consume water mindlessly, you can even have fruits and vegetables and healthy smoothies too.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

weight loss

From fruits, you get a good dose of vitamins and minerals and some set of fiber too, which is great for your overall health and fitness levels as well, Since fruits and vegetables are also low in calories and full of nutrients.

3. Skip the junk for a while

weight loss

Now you don't have to fear the junk food, it is just that the junk or the processed foods are very high in calories and yet don't have many nutrients in them, which is not a very good deal to add in when you are trying to lose weight.

also, very regular consumption of processed and junk foods is not very good for your health, thus the best practice that you can make is to reduce your consumption of junk and processed foods.

4. Make sure that you eat mindfully and respect your hunger

Now one thing that you have to incorporate is how to eat your food, which is to try to eat as per your hunger, eat slowly and chew your food properly and eat according to your hunger., Never overeat but try to strike the right balance between mindful eating.


Now health and fitness go hand in hand, you might not want to achieve one aspect of quality living without compromising on the other, thus the basic idea about healthy living and weight loss is that both workout and diet go hand in hand, which is both are equally important when you talk about weight loss or living a good quality life.

You can be healthy by just waiting for the right food and not expecting to work out and vice versa.Both of these aspects are important that go hand in hand, without the one you fall.


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