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boost immunity

Best 5 ways to boost immunity

boost immunity


Immunity is one word that a lot of people have taken interest in especially in the past two years, especially after the pandemic people have realized the importance of a well-functioning immune system booster and how one should take care of it.

Again your immune system booster and health are a representation of the kind of habits that you build for the lifestyle that you live, which are what kind of food do you eat, how often do you work out, what is your sleep schedule, and the environment that you live Now again one cannot change a lot of things around them but surely there are some parameters that you can change and build good habits around. Thus talking about some of those good habits, in this blog, we would discuss how you can take care of your immunity and boost it for better longevity.

But before we began, let us understand what exactly is the immune system booster?

Immunity or immune booster tablets is the body's natural defense mechanism that helps to find against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, basically, in the short term your immunity is the protecting body that fights and kills viruses and bacteria that might harm your body's functioning. the better the immunity you have the better the ability of your body to fight off bacteria and diseases.

Now how one can improve their immunity or makes sure it's functioning at its best?

1. Exercise

boost immunity

One thing that a lot of people are listening from their childhood is that one should exercise daily in order to be healthy, but as we ignore a lot of good things that we are thought most the adults in their early 20s and late 30s are still doing the same which is that a lot of people do not consider exercise as beneficial for there body. Now some people have this misconception that exercise is only meant for fat people who want to lose weight, NO!

exercise is meant for every living human being, everyone should exercise daily, be it weight training or running or playing a sport or yoga or Zumba whatever, just pick the kind of activity that you like and perform it every day.

Exercise not only just helps you to keep fit, which has a direct connection with your immunity but also tends to keep your stress levels in check improving your mood and the effectiveness of your immunity. Working out or exercising has a lot of sides and direct connections with your health and your body's ability to fight off disease.

2. Eat a healthy eating

boost immunity

Now by eating a healthy diet, you don't have to stuff your fridge with broccoli and avocado, or you don't have to eat boiled food, eating healthy is actually the opposite of what most people think, healthy foods are the foods that help to nourish your body so that your body functions at its best, eating home-cooked dal rice with some paneer and pickle is healthy food, eating palak paneer with some roti and salad is healthy, eating Dahi rice is healthy, eating your delicious homecooked food in moderation is also healthy!

What is not healthy is the quantity of food that some people overfeed and the quality of food, which is trying to avoid the food which is not cooked in your kitchen, stick to basic homecooked food and add some protein to your diet as the Indian diet is a little low on protein and have a good time. 

It's as easy as this, also try to add nothing foods in your diet like fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese, curd, pickle, and fermented foods that allow your body to nourish in some of the other angles.

3. Fix your sleep

boost immunity

Now your sleep is as important as your diet and workout, if your sleep schedule is not fixed or is not well, you might not be able to achieve the result that you want, be it internal health or the fitness aspect, sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to good health, sleeping for 7 hrs every day allows your body to be refresh, detoxed and repaired, your body goes through a. number of changes when you sleep, your body detoxifies itself, your body balances your hormones, it repairs and rejuvenates itself to many other essential wellbeings of the body.

Thus try to prioritize your sleep schedule, try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day and make sure that you are sleeping well since the kind of sleep that you had the night before decided the path of your coming day and health.

4. Manage your stress

boost immunity

In this life, everyone has some type of stress be it from work or personal life, stress is a part of everyone's life, the only thing that one has to make sure does not allow to stress overcome the flow of one's day or life, which is trying to manage your stress levels by doing some activities that you enjoy, be it your passion or any other hobby that allows you to cool yourself and have a good time. Since prolong, stress is one of the most common reasons for a lot of problems and diseases and your immune booster tablets are one of them,

which is having a high level of stress or being sad and tensed for a long period of time deteriorates the functioning of your internal wellbeing and boost immunity as well. Hence try to manage your stress levels, exercise, go in the sunlight, eat delicious and healthy foods, talk with your loved ones and try to have a positive state of mind. Since you can never outrun a bad or stressful state of mind, your emotions drive your body.

5. Supplementation

boost immunity

Now many people have a wrong idea about supplementation, many people assume that supplements or medicines are meant for people who are ill or age, which is not the case. Dietary supplementation is the supplement that one doesn't get enough for their diet and is fulfilled from these supplements. Now there are many nutrients that help you to build good immunity, but these 3 should be on your top priority list, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin c.

Each of these nutrients has there own specific role to play in the better functioning of the immune booster tablets of the human body, from reducing the free radicals to improving the count of white blood cells to improving the cell damage. You can get this nutrient from diet but to get the desired amount of them every day is certainly tricky, which is why the role of good quality supplements come into the place and why you should supplement them in your diet for healthy and strong immunity.


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