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fitness tips for working women

7 fitness tips for working women?


fitness tips for working women

 Often most of us complain about our busy schedules that a lot of us don't have the time to work out or take the time for there health, the whole equation gets a little more complicated if you are a working person, where you might have the responsibility to fulfill the duties of a job or to grow in your career. There is a huge chunk of the population that is choosing money over health in their early 20s or late 30s just so that their body is able to digest the lifestyle that they live,

This includes eating junk food, sleeping at different times, not working out, and directly leading an unhealthy lifestyle, now again this acts like a slow poison which is you might not able to feel the damage immediately, but somehow down the line there is a price that you have to pay that can include some major lifestyle disorders or diseases

hence the best thing that you can do from today is to start talking about your body, there are some tips that you can integrate into your lifestyle for better health and body.

1. Choose the type of workout you like

fitness tips for working women

When you are going to work out or exercise, just remember this basic thing in your mental fitness is not just a destination that you work for a certain duration of time, it's a lifestyle that you integrate to live a better quality life, hence If you are not enjoying your workouts today, there is a high chance that you might not able to sustain it for a longer period of time and may fall off the track during your transformation journey. Thus try to explore multiple workouts and stick to one that you personally enjoy and which you can sustain.

2. Don't Diet

fitness tips for working women

Now diet on its own is a very negative word that a lot of people attach negative emotions with, again due to lots of misinformation that people have about diet and healthy food, thus the best approach that one can make is to start making small healthy choices in their lifestyles like cutting out on junk foods, replacing sugar dense beverages with natural foods or fruits, limiting processed snack foods on the daily basis and opting for a healthy balanced meal all together.

Just do not associate the word diet with your weight loss journey or your path to a healthy lifestyle, as the chances of one breaking the diet and cultivating this unhealthy mindset towards food will do more harm than good.

3. Rest is important

Premium Photo | Portrait of sleeping young asia woman enjoy and relax lying  on the bed with close eyes in bedroom at home.asian beauty

One thing that a lot of people underestimate is the power and importance of good rest in one's fitness journey, doesn't matter if you are working out to the best or eating a very clean diet if your sleep schedule is not on point, you might get some results but you will also deteriorate your body health, which is something that now would never want.

Thus making rest and sleep as important as your nutrition and workout in your weight loss journey, a bad sleep schedule can really mess up with your fitness progress and your health.

4. Don't starve yourself

Premium Photo | Diet. unhealthy eating. junk food . girl don't eat junk food

The worst thing that a lot of people do in their path to losing weight is starving themselves for a longer duration of time assuming that eating food is the main reason why they are fat, which is not the right approach when it comes to losing weight or fat.

Stavign not only will make you lose weight in an unhealthy way but will also deteriorate your health parameters, such as it will crash your metabolism, your appetite, your hormones will take a toll, and your skin and hair health will go down and many more bad things can happen to your body once you start to starve mindlessly just to lose weight.

5. Stay Hydrated

fitness tip for working women

 As you might have read how important is hydration is for humans, most of our bodies are made up of water and it is crucial for us to stay hydrated to carry out many essential functions such as transportation of nutrients, electrolytes balance, functioning of various other organs and obviously carrying out life-supporting functions. Water is so important that you might serve without food for 10 days, but you can not survive without water for 10 days, which shows the importance of staying hydrated.

also, you don't have to mind the journey of being hydrated in a serious or a boring way, you can make your hydration journey fun by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking healthy drinks like buttermilk, coconut water, lemonade, and many tropical Indian summer drinks and obviously sipping more water throughout the day

6. Consistency is important

 One thing that a lot of people don't realize is that one magic trick that would surely get you the results that you want is consistency, which is sticking to the routine that you have set for yourself, there might be some days in the journey where you fall or even deviated from your path but one thing that would always keep you in the game is a consistency to sticking to your routine, never allow excuses to weight heavier than your discipline and road to consistency.

Trust us you will never win the battle of your transformation journey if you are not consistent with it every day, which is not only for one month but for your lifetime, hence it is important to pick the eating habits and fitness regime that you really enjoy and can stick to it.

7. Don't eat junk food

fitness tips for working women

Now the best path to be healthy or get fit is to start making small changes in your life such as saying no to junk and processed food, for instance whenever you are in a gathering and you have the option of eating processed chips or junk food of any sort, try to avoid it and replace it with wholesome home-cooked foods or fruits or nuts. The idea behind this should be your intention of not consuming any sort of foods that don't nourish your body and leave the voids open in the name of health.

Again we are not being that rigid when it comes to avoiding delicious snacks like these, the art of moderation is something that you should aim for, which does not to balance these foods in your diet once a while and enjoy your nutritious meals on the go.


When it comes to taking care of our bodies, we humans have a bucket of excuses to play around and the irony is that following a healthy lifestyle and taking care of our bodies will only pay us back in a way that is most precious, your quality of life improves, your health improves, your mood changes and everything goes really well if you just include the right habits in your life. Trust us the output that you get from the input you put is much more if you just follow the right basics of a healthy lifestyle as discussed in this blog.


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