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6 health benefits of eating a vegan diet?

6 health benefits of eating a vegan diet?


The concept of "veganism"  or a vegan diet has gained a huge amount of popularity and buzz over the past 5-6 years, from industries to communities a lot of changes have taken place when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle.

People are shifting their lifestyle and dietary changes around this lifestyle that includes absolute zero usage of animals or their byproducts.  A lot of people across the world have adopted this lifestyle and experienced a lot of health benefits on the journey of veganism and in this blog, we would discuss certain positive impacts that the vegan lifestyle has to add.

But before we jump in, one should be clear about what veganism means and how different is it from being a vegetarian.

What is a Vegan diet or veganism?

Healthy vegan diet

A vegan diet or veganism is a lifestyle where one does not consume any kind or type of animal bases produced, be eat when it comes to their foods choices or lifestyle choices. One totally avoids all types of products derived from animals.

Now vegan diet and vegan protein are excluded from dairy and dairy products, so one can't consume milk cheese, milk curd, milk, and any other product derived from them.

And obviously, there is no consumption of meat or eggs, or honey as well in the vegan diet, it is completely free from all sorts of practices that cause cruelty or suffering to animals.

1. Reduce your cholesterol levels

healthy vegan diet


Now one of the biggest health benefits that a vegan diet has to offer is that vegan diet is heart-friendly too, as your heart health is one of the most essential aspects of your health, and since a vegan diet is low in saturated fats and bad fats that lead to the blockage of arteries in your body and which might lead to poor heart health in future, also vegan diet is something that has adequate amount fiber that allows your body to maintain a healthy balance of LDL(Bad cholesterol) and HDL(Good Cholesterol), that ensures the healthy functioning heart.

Also, a vegan diet is rich in many micronutrients which are shown to improve the blood flow in your body, which further improves heart health. Since your heart health depends upon factors like the balance of cholesterol levels, the number of triglycerides, and previous parental history and adding plant-based foods or following a vegan diet has shown tremendous effects on one's heart health.

2. You add a good impact on the environment

healthy vegan diet

Now one of the biggest reasons why the concept of veganism started is to create a better place for animals and to make it a safe environment for all the living beings on the planet and to make it a better place for living. 

By opting for the vegan lifestyle you take care of all of the living beings, which is no animal has to sacrifice their life to fulfill one plate

Also, there is a huge positive impact on the environment and or mother nature if we reduce the consumption of animal meats and by-products since animal catering requires a huge area of land and water for their maintenance that further causing excessive production of Carbon dioxide, land waste, which is also very dependent on water.

Hence opting for a vegan lifestyle helps to create a positive impact on the environment by using resources effectively.

3. Better Digestion

Better Digestion for Better Health - Onto Orthopedics

Now digestion is one factor that is one of the most important elements for good health, if your digestion is messed up there wouldn't be any point in eating good quality food, now since the foods that you eat in a vegan lifestyle(healthy ones obviously) are rich in fiber, which improves your body ability to process digestion better and give you a healthy stool.

as you tend to focus more on veggies, fruits, nuts, and plant-based milk, it creates an optimal environment in your body that helps to reduce the number of androgens in your body, giving you that glowing and ageless skin.


4. Weight loss

healthy vegan diet

Now one of the many reasons why people switch to a vegan lifestyle is the favorite benefit of all times, weight loss, now we are not saying that the moment you switch to a vegan lifestyle you will end up losing tonnes of weight but choosing a vegan lifestyle can surely help you in your weight loss ho as you get a variety of foods to choose by in vegan lifestyle that are satiating and yet low in calories, for instance, plant-based milk like almond and oats milk is quarter to that of cows milk in terms of calories.

and to active weight loss, one has to create some set of calories deficit in their daily diet, and adding plant-based foods or opting for a vegan lifestyle can definitely help one to achieve so.

Now there are many unhealthy vegan food options as well, the key here would be to choose the right foods and add them accordingly.

5. Mood booster

A vegan diet is more than just a lifestyle as it involves a deeper mental connection with the environment and the living beings around us. This path is for those who have some sense of empathy for the ones around them, be it mother nature or animals.

Various studies have been proven and the fact has been stated that people who do follow a vegan lifestyle tend to be calmer and at peace as they are causing minimum suffering to the planet.

This noble concept of being more empathic and responsible tends to give more sense of clarity and elevates one's mood.

6. Great for your skin as well.


Healthy vegan diet

Now a lot of people spend a huge amount of money on their skin routing from buying expensive creams to booking the best dermatologist appointment, whereas the matter of fact is that your internal health and diet is the most important thing when it comes to your skin health.

This is not true for everyone but for many people consuming animal products like milk can cause a rapid increase of androgens in their body which may lead to acne breakout or oily skin,

Opting for or adding some plant-based foods ,plant based protein  like fruits, veggies, and plant-based milk can help you to reduce inflammation in your body and give you good glowing skin. Trust us no cream can do the magic that a healthy lifestyle and diet can do.



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