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summer body workouts

5 Summer Body Workouts For women


summer workout for women


Summers are that time of the year when all of us get a chance to flaunt our bodies, from 6 pack abs to slimmer waist to a toned physique. But somewhere every time we always have a list of excuses that overpowers our dreams and desires to achieve that body of dreams. Hence in this blog, we would tell and discuss certain workout programs that you can integrate into your routine to achieve the desired results or to start your journey on an effective note.

But along the way, make sure that you pick the kind of workout that you personally enjoy and vary it with time so that you never get bored out of it and as we say fitness is not a destination, it's a part of life! Thus pick and enjoy the workouts that you like, instead of treating and assuming exercise as a jail.

Therefore these are 5 summer body workouts that are great for your body endurance, strength, and endurance.

1. Pilates

women workout

Pilates are one of the most trendy and hot workouts in recent time, there is hardly any celebrity that has not posted on social media performing pilates. As pilates is a great workout if your aim to get some moderate to light workout kicked in your routine, Pilates is basically a kind of bodyweight movement that you can perform using mats or in a pilates machine as well, which focuses on training your core, glutes, quads and give a little exposure to a compound workout.

Pilates is a great workout as it improves your body endurance, flexibility, and stamina altogether and helps to tone your body muscles such that you get a great body composition. Pilates gives a sense of calmness as well while performing, as many experts say that pilates is therapeutic in nature just like yoga. 

Second, it should be part of one's workout regime since it works on all parameters of the body that helps in avoiding injury and stiffness.

2.  Resistance Training 

summer workout

Well, the topic exercise is not complete with the word resistance training as it's the ultimate form of workout. Resistance training or weight lifting helps your muscle to be more mature, dense, and toned that only improves your appearance or make you look better but also improve other parameters of health as well,

Since when you add resistance to your muscle, they tear and grow over a period of time that gives your body a better composition, which is you look slim and fit at the same weight Apart from this, weight training helps to improve your metabolism, decrease fat mass, improve insulin sensitivity, improve bone density and is a great tool for that summer body and healthy fat loss.

Also don't have this old notion that women will get bulkier if they lift weights, no women one can get bulkier or just by lifting weights as they naturally lack the muscle-building hormone testosterone. Instead, you will be closer to the body of your dreams and goals.

3.  Yoga

summer workout

Yoga is one of the oldest ways to exercise your body and mind, not only do you improve and train your body while practicing yoga but you also add a layer of calmness and mental clarity in the process. Yoga works to improve one's flexibility and helps to ease the body, which adds a layer of calmness.

Some Asanas in yoga are specifically recommended for women as they undergo various hormonal changes in the month and performing these asanas helps in optimizing the hormonal balance in women such that they are in a better state of mind and body. 

Asan that you can integrate into your routine to optimize the maximum benefits of yoga are Virabhadrasana, Surya Namaskara, Sarvangasana, Parivrtta Utkatasana, Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana


summer workout

LIIT stands for light intensity interval training, which is basically the concept of moving your body at a light to medium pace and intensity such that you yield the maximum benefits of exercise without any injury or stress. Exercises that you can include in the LIIT circuit are jumping rope, burpees, stretching, bodyweight exercise, and kettlebell swings with the repetition and sets of your choice but at a moderate to light intensity.

This exercise protocol will make sure that you do not damage your body while achieving the body of your dreams or make it too stressed from the intensity of workouts, such that there is a good balance of body and mind.

5. Cardio

summer workout

Cardiovascular exercises are those workouts that can never go wrong, humans have evolved to perform cardio exercises, from simple walking to running. When it comes to a fit physique, cardio is one of the most important tools as it increases the overall calorie burn of the day when you integrate this with any of your workouts.  A lot of women enjoy indulging in cardio workouts like cycling, running, walking, or listening to songs on the treadmill, which burns a good amount of calories and improves one's cardiovascular health as well.

If you don't enjoy performing cardio inside the gym the best and the most effective alternative would be to simply walk, just wear a smart step tracker and aim for about 10k steps daily, which can be a great hack to shed that extra fat and improve one's mood too!


Well certainly we all wish to look in our best shape but we always prioritize other things of our life over health and fitness, but this time and this year just be a little more dedicated to your body and health goals. Make sure that you are living a good lifestyle overall, from eating nourishing foods to hitting the track 4-5 times a week and having a good sleep schedule.

Well to start with and to look the best of your shape, these are some workouts that you can definitely add to shed some fat, look more toned and strong. But make sure that you also follow the other protocols of healthy wellbeing, which is to eat, write, or in a calorie deficit(if you want to lose some fat) and aim for a good sleep schedule.




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