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Essential Whey + Real Mass Gainer



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An ideal deal for any fitness enthusiast who works out, from beginner to advanced, this combo would take care of a major part of your fitness journey which is quality protein and nutritious calories.

You get the best 24 gm of premium quality protein from the Big muscles nutrition essential whey protein, along with 11gm EAA, 4gm glutamine for unstoppable lean muscle growth. It comes with digestive enzymes that improve the absorption of protein in your body, ensuring full optimization of amino acids to build strong muscle tissues.

You can complement this effective whey protein with Big muscles real mass gainer to meet your daily excess calories in an easier and delicious manner, you get all the required nutrients from one scoop of real mass gainer to optimize your health and fitness goals at the same time.

You can consume both of them together depending upon your goals and current weight, or you can even consume one scoop of the two alternatively.


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Essential Whey + Real Mass Gainer

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