Your Body Type - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

Are you looking for losing weight or muscle building? At first, it is essential to understand and recognize your body type. You should know more about your metabolism, body type and weight gain pattern. It helps to guide for calorie intake, workout needed and minimum cardio.

Different types of body require different types of workouts, training methods and diet plans. There are basically three main body types of males- ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. These body types bear separate kinds of characteristics, which are given as follows-


An ectomorph is a skinny person. His body has light weighted built with small joints and has muscles with lean shaped. Commonly, ectomorph bears lengthy thin limbs along with stringy muscles. Shoulders of such people are thin with little width. Some of characteristic features of ectomorph are-
  • They are classic “hardgainer”
  • They have small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • They bear small shoulders.
  • They have flat chest.
  • Such people have thin body.
  • They find it very hard to gain weight.
  • Such person have fast metabolism.
  • They have lean muscle mass.

Ectomorph usually finds it quite hard to gain weight. Such people usually have very fast metabolism, due to which calories get burned quickly. Ecotomorph needs large amount of calories for gaining weight. Thus, mostly ectomorph people feels complex due to their thin body and have strong desired to gain weight. Their workouts are usually short as well as intense that focuses basically on bigger muscles groups. Usually supplement for weight gain along with exercise are recommended to ectomorph people. These people should eat prior to going to bed for preventing muscle catabolism during night. Ectomorphs usually lose fat quite easily that helps them to gain lean muscles quickly.

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A mesomorph is a type of body that consists of usually large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. It is one of the best body types for muscles building. It is because this body type finds it very easy to gain or lose weight. People having this body type are naturally strong. Some of the essential features of mesomorph are as follows-
  • They have athletic body.
  • They are usually strong.
  • They possess well defines muscles.
  • They have generally hard body.
  • The gain muscles easily
  • They bear rectangular aped body
  • They gain fat easily as compared to ectomorphs


The endomorph body type is usually solid and soft. Person having this type of body gain fat easily. They have thick arms and legs. Their muscles are quite strong, especially in upper legs. Some of the common traits of this body type are-
  • They possess soft and round body.
  • They have round physique.
  • They are usually short.
  • They gain muscle and fat quite easily.
  • They have slow metabolism.
  • They find it quite hard to lose fat.
  • Their muscles are not well defined.

Endomorphic people gains weight quite easy but large portion of their weight is fat, not muscles. They need to cardio exercises for body building. Supplement is not required.

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