Why Casein Protein is Important for Building Muscle

Bodybuilders are always on the lookout for something which helps in maximizing their efforts. They keep a close watch on their nutrition and never lose track in maintaining their fitness goals. Everyone is hell bent on consuming whey protein powder but unknowingly they also miss on something vital: another type of protein.

We know everyone swears by whey protein and religiously take it before and after workouts but you have missed one which has many other benefits that whey just cannot think about! Well, if you wonder what is it called, then look no further it is the sibling of Whey and that is Casein.

Casein yields significantly greater gains Two groups were formed and one was fed whey plus casein combination and others had whey, BCAA and glutamine supplements. After 10 weeks the former group had the best increases in lean, fat-free mass. The question many people raise is why take only one form of protein when a combination yields much, much better results.

Casein feeds amino acids for Much Longer Every protein comes from a different source like plants, and animals and each has unique advantages. When compared to all known protein sources like egg, whey, soy, and lentils, Casein shines with its timing. It digests slowly and provides your blood with a slow and steady flow of amino acids which lasts for many hours. So when a bodybuilder drinks a glass of casein plus milk before bed, it feeds the muscles for the whole night.

Casein improves Metabolism while we Sleep A simple study showed that when casein intake was increased twice over, participants had a higher rate of metabolism at night, when they were sleeping. Also, after eating casein the satiety rate was also significantly higher. This clearly shows that if you consume casein before sleeping, not only your chances of improving muscle growth was realistic and so was fat loss. This means even though you will be sleeping, but your body will try to dissolve the fat.

Improve your strength with Casein Bodybuilders most wanted goal is to get increased strength and it is their highest priority. Usually they depend wholly on whey protein but a recent study changed many peoples' perception. They found that casein protein actually doubled the effect which protein had on chest, legs and shoulders. This study had some dramatic inferences wherein it was established that this significant difference was because of casein's well-known anti-catabolic abilities. To make this change show up, it is best to have a casein based shake before retiring at night.

Micellar Casein prevents Muscle Breakdown Bodybuilders should try out the purest and biologically intact form of casein known as micellar casein. It's filtered during cheese making process without using chemicals to help retain natural benefits of casein. An excellent source of calcium, micellar casein supports fat loss.

It should now be evident that casein is a wonderful form of protein, which sometimes outweighs whey protein, though only marginally. But one thing is sure, bodybuilders just cannot ignore the benefits of casein protein for building whopping muscles.

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