Whey Protein for Women - Breaking All Myths

In today's world every female no matter of whatsoever age group she belongs to, dreams to have a well figure body, which add more to their beauty and glamour. Here the question arises how could we achieve our desired body with less effort and astonishingly the answer is simple use of appropriate amount of whey protein in our diet, along with exercises which act as a catalyst to achieve well toned body.

Natural source of whey protein is cow's milk. Whey protein basically helps in burning down body fat and also gives energy being proteinaceous in nature.

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There are some popular myths regarding is consumption of whey protein to women healthy in all aspects??? The reasons below will itself justify you. They are:

1. Whey protein will add bulk to women body

It’s a myth as it's the testosterone hormone which promotes bulk to muscles and women releases less amount of testosterone and more amount of oxytocin, the latter suppresses muscular growth. Female physique does not allow over increase in number of myofibril which aids to muscle growth. In fact whey protein helps to lose out excess fat from our body and also cut down the desire for sugary foods and most important provides enough which we need while burning down calories to get a toned body.

2. As compared to men women need a very small amount of whey protein

Women need good amount of protein in their diet depending on how active they are physically in their daily chores. In fact the same quantity of protein supplements like whey protein accelerates body metabolism faster in women as compared to men but the former needs to have a good amount of protein in their diet. The WHO recommended level of whey protein is 46 gram of protein per day.

3. Whey protein causes bloating or gas in stomach

The prime reason behind bloating of stomach or what we call as gas formation in stomach is mainly due to lactose intolerance. As whey protein is a part of milk and milk contain lactose, adults don't secrete enzymes (renin) which digest lactose so they face this problem. To avoid this whey protein comes under brand name of whey protein isolates which prevents from stomach bloating.

4. High protein intake will increase women testosterone level

Women free testosterone level is quite low as compared to men and their actions are moreover suppressed by oxytocin hormone secreted by women. The testosterone level increases by high fat diet and whey protein cuts down fat by increasing body metabolism. Hence whey protein doesn’t boost up testosterone synthesis unless they are taken in insanely high dosage.

5. Whey protein powder creates kidney issues

Person suffering from kidney diseases, kidney failure or undergoing dialysis are not allowed to take protein in their diet but they too can take a small amount of protein like on average of two grams per pound of body weight as recommended by WHO.

Therefore intake balance diet along with whey protein and exercises together you would get amazing results which would add up to your personality.

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