What is the Difference Between Whey and Casein Protein?

There are two most common and popular type of protein supplement present in the market known as whey and casein. They are considered good for reasons like high quality, high bioavailability and availability of protein in them which are particularly enriched with branched chain amino acids. That is why whey and casein are considered good for muscle growth and repair. Although both of these products are cranked out from dairy but there is difference between these muscle building ingredients. Whey and casein both are milk based proteins derived from the cheese making process.

You will find the contents of whey and casein in all kind of dairy products. Take milk for instance, it is 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey. Whey is known for digested quickly and it gets digested wishing few hours of intake whereas, casein protein is known for its slow nature and getting digested slowly. Casein globs when it reaches your stomach and takes 5-7 hours for it to get digested.

Both of these incredible products contain high amount of amino acids per serving but whey is more anabolic than casein. It is a better muscle builder than casein because it is capable of promoting a spike in blood amino acids levels, which are required for stimulating the process of muscle protein synthesis. On the other hand, casein is considered as an anti catabolic agent and good for stopping the breakdown of muscles because it generates slow stream of aminos with time which stops muscles breakdown.

Time when you should take protein:-

It is recommend to take whey protein before, during and after your workouts in order to make them hit your muscles directly and refuel the immediately without exposing you to the risk of GI exposure. This is possible due to the quickly digestive nature of whey protein. Casein is normally recommended to be used before fasting bloke before going to bed or before having a long hectic day. As casein releases amino acid slowly, so you will be able to remain energized throughout the day.

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How should you intake whey and casein protein?

People often ask the question like how should they take whey protein and casein protein. Well, whey protein is extremely flexible and that is why it is fully mixable with water or milk and can also be used with past, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or may of your favorite protein shakes. If you have an extreme desire of having something even more potent then you must try various whey protein powdered recipes. These recipes can easily be found on the internet and you will definitely be benefitted from them. Casein is known as an excellent bed time snack. You just have to mix casein in small amount of water or milk for making casein pudding and you can also add Greek yogurt to it or make it even more fancier snack recipes consisting whey and casein mix.

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