Understand the importance of A Warm Up Before A Workout

Ever seen a cat or dog stretching out? That’s what we are talking about. Although these animals do out of natural instinct, we as humans can put down the scientific reasons to support this activity. Consider your Body as an Engine Experience shows that a revved up engine performs better on road, as all fuel & lubricant lines have done their job and sent the needed liquids to the respective parts. Benefits of a Warm Up First of all it indicates your intention of what you want to do next. Your brain catches the hint and starts to work accordingly. This helps orienting the person psychologically and physiologically. Once this is done, it reduces the chances of joint and muscle injury. Note A warm up is not directed towards any specific body part. It is a simple process to wake your body from the rest state to “get into” active state. Once you start warming up, the heart pumps blood to the muscles participating in the regime. This loosens up the muscles and the increased blood flow brings more oxygen to muscle cells. Now gradually the body temperature and in turn the speed & force of muscular contractions increases. The increased oxygen, blood supply and body temperature force the muscles to become less stiff and more pliable. This activity helps you get better results and even the brain acknowledges the positive development. So the next day when you indulge in warm up routine, naturally the instructions come freely which aids your targeted tasks.

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Aiding the Warm Up Some aspects of the bodybuilding can be controlled psychologically, like discussed above. But our body needs some vital nutrients, some food to get going. As soon as your muscles warm up, feeding some Protein Shake in a flavour of choice peps your body immediately. Now you just had some energy, some carbohydrates and are ready to reach the moon. The Beneficial Combo works magically and How? When muscles loosen up, it gradually increases the heart rate and ensures that the demand made on circulatory & metabolic systems is gradual as well. Effectively, blood from digestive system is diverted to the muscles being exercised. This initial part of your exercise ensures that the supply of lubricating synovial fluid is increased which thickens the articular cartilages – the body’s shock absorbers. Note Your body should sweat, but not cause tiredness. Depending on your age and fitness levels, the activity should be properly planned and never exceed 8-12 minutes. The following examples cover a warm up: 1. walking/jogging/stationary cycling to increase the body’s temperature 2. dynamic stretches to reduce muscle stiffness 3. specific stretches for muscles that will be used during exercises 4. a few squats etc. By now you should know and understand how we prepare our body for future grinding. We toned our brain, heart and got many body parts up and running. Also, we fed some nutrition for that extra energy needed to complete the strenuous bodybuilding demands. Keep Notes and Cross Check the Results Bodybuilding is a step-by-step progressing task. When you find some positive development, note it down and in adverse times, you can use it to keep your ideas in check. Conclusion Whenever we subject our body to any change, it should be with a purpose and do it gradually. This includes the “Warm Up” and whatever new exercise you try out the first time.
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