Top Proven Ways To Boost Your Immunity levels


Boosting your immunity levels is the new important thing that has become a priority after the deadly strike of the COVID virus around the world.

Researchers are showing that following important protocols such as social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing masks are some crucial steps to avoid this deadly virus.

But on top of all the protocols, one major thing that scientists all around the world is claiming is to boost our body immunity levels so that our body can handle and fight the virus effectively.

By the way, what is body immunity in the first place?

In simple words, immunity is the ability of our body to fight all the external virus/disease and protect the body from within. The stronger your immune system is, the more efficiently it will kick out any external virus and fight harmful pathogens from your body. It’s your immune system’s job to defend your body against illness and disease. That is why it is really important to have good immune levels in this going pandemic.

Hence these are some effective and proven ways that will help you to boost your immune system levels. 



A good moderate exercise is required for our body to function at its best, all the process at the cellular level becomes much better and optimal when a person exercises moderately daily, this exercise can be an exercise that you enjoy like a brisk walk, cycling, skipping rope, gymming, yoga, etc, any kind of moderate exercise which help you to move your body and be active. Thus engage in any kind of exercise daily for about 35–40 minutes, be active all throughout the day. Our bodies tend to self deteriorate when we don't move or be active. Exercise also increases the release of endorphins (a group of hormones that reduce pain and create feelings of pleasure) making it a great way to manage stress. “Since stress negatively impacts our immune system”, this is another way exercise can improve immune response. Thus be active and try to indulge in moderate kinds of exercises that you enjoy.

2. Eating Healthy Diet

Eating Healthy Diet

When it comes to a healthy body, diet is something which plays the most important role in keeping your body healthy from within, which is you have heard it before that “you are what you eat", Hence you have to feed your body with good and nutrient-dense foods which will help your body immune systems to function better.

The nutrients you get from food in particular, plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and spices are essential to keeping your immune system functioning properly, Research suggests, for example, that Vitamin C deficiency may increase the likelihood of infection, Our bodies do not produce this essential, water-soluble vitamin on their own, so we need to get it through foods (such as citrus fruits, Kiwi, and several cruciferous vegetables) or you can supplement one table of Big muscles nutrition Natural Vitamin C whose one tablet will meet your daily requirement of vitamin C(1000gm)

Protein is also critical for immune health. The amino acids in protein help build and maintain immune cells, and skipping on this macronutrient may lower your body’s ability to fight infections. Thus for protein, you can consume Big Muscles whey protein, eggs, lentils, legumes, Dairy Products, Chickpeas, tofu, etc

When it comes to a diet that supports good immune health, focus on incorporating more plant-based foods. Add fruits and veggies to soups, smoothies, and salads, such as Carrots, broccoli, spinach, red bell peppers, garlic, ginger and citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, Amla and strawberries are all great sources of vitamins A and C, while seeds(flax, chia, sunflower) and dry fruits will provide protein, vitamin E, and zinc, which are essential to keep your body immune system function effectively.

Apart from foods make sure that you cook your homemade food using good old spices like turmeric, cumin, red chili powder, coriander powder, etc

Therefore your diet plays a crucial role in building and helping your immune system to function, hence keep your diet nutrients dense by focusing more on home-cooked healthy meals which will help your immune system to function better.

3.Getting Good Quality Sleep

Getting good quality sleep

Rest in the only state where your body builds and repairs itself, your body heals and regenerates while you sleep, making adequate sleep is critical for a healthy immune response.

More specifically, sleep is a time when your body produces and distributes key immune cells like cytokines, regulates and produces various hormones, repairs body cells, and tissues.

When you don't get enough sleep your immune system may not do these things as well, making it less able to defend your body against harmful invaders and making you more likely to get sick. Sleep deprivation also elevates cortisol levels, which is of course is not good for immune function.

Hence try to prioritize your sleep remember when it comes to body repair and optimal functioning, the quality of your sleep matters more than the quantity of your sleep time, hence try to sleep sound and peacefully, switch off your phones/gadgets 2–3 hours prior to your sleep, read a book, meditate, pray, and make a comfortable sleep environment.
As the quality of sleep you had the previous night sets your intention for the next day , hence never compromise on your sleep and have a good sound sleep everyday.
If you are someone who finds some difficulty in sleeping due to stress or lifestyle, than adding one tablet of BigMuscles Nutrition Sleep could be a game changer for your sleep and health.

As it is formulated with all essential nutrients like melatonin the main sleep hormone which will help in adding better quality sleep and other nutrients like magnesium , zinc and l-theanine which helps to reduce your stress hormone "cortisol" making sure that you sleep like a baby.

Sleep Well

Good sleep is the best medicine anyone can have.

4.Natural immunity-boosting supplements

Immunity Booster

A natural immunity-boosting supplement is a supplement that is made up of using natural herbs and ingredients which are proven to strengthen your immune system and make it function better.

As there are a lot of herbs and foods which helps to boost our immunity, taking each and every herb might be not possible and convenient for us, hence to counter that problem a good quality supplement comes into the place which is made using all those good herbs and ingredient which you can supplement in your diet to take improve and strengthen your immune system.

A good and natural immunity-boosting supplement that you can add in your diet is Big muscles nutrition Natural immunity booster which is made from all the natural scientifically researched formulations of Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Amla Berry, Astragalus, Garlic, Echinacea, Vitamin C, E & B12, Zinc & Beta Carotene which is effective in boosting body immunity levels, supporting body health and improving body defense mechanism.

To get the best benefits you can safely have 2 tablets so natural immunity boosting tablets in a day that too after your meal, thus all the need of having good essential nutrients for your immune system will be covered by this supplement.

5.Keeping off the Bad Habits.

Keeping off the Bad Habits

Our body starts to deteriorate/damage because of all the bad habits that are done on this beautiful body on the regular basis, which is excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol as anything that’s a toxin can compromise your immune system, In particular, the chemicals released by cigarette smoke carbon monoxide, nicotine, nitrogen oxides, and cadmium can interfere with growth and function of immune cells, like cytokines, T cells, and B cells. Drinking high amounts of alcohol is associated with a range of negative health effects, including lowered immune function. When you drink high amounts of alcohol, your body is too busy trying to detoxify your system to bother with the normal immune system function, Thus if you are one wants to drink alcohol go for the moderation path, which is to have/consume alcohol occasionally and in control.

Apart from removing all the bad habits from your life, try to integrate all the good and healthy habits such as a healthy diet, sleeping on time, drinking homemade good Kadha, laughing a lot, managing your stress, having a good time with your close ones, the power of positive habits is something magical for your wellbeing.

6.Stress management

Stress Management

Again due to the kind of fast lifestyle that we are living today, stress is really coming in each and every one of our life. Stress is never a problem for anyone, which is having some amount of acute stress is really useful for humans to perform and operate better.

The problem starts with when there is no end of stress from your life and it gets converted into chronic stress(Prolonged stress), long-term stress leads to chronically elevated levels of the steroid hormone called cortisol. When cortisol levels are constantly high over a period of time, it essentially blocks the immune system from kicking into gear and doing its job to protect the body against potential threats from germs like viruses and bacteria.

Hence long-term stress is never good for a human being when it comes to health and wellness, you may also suffer depression, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, and a lot of bad things that you don't want to welcome to your body, therefore try to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, meditating, begin around your loved ones, travel the world and managing your stress levels.


Hydration is the process of keeping your body water levels appropriate and in check as you know that our body is 70% water, hence a good amount of water levels(Hydration) is necessary for the all the intercellular process, body repairment, detoxification, and the most important, better functioning of the immunity system all processes will be more efficient when your body is well hydrated.

Thus try to drink a good amount of 8–10 glasses of water daily, and the best amount of water you can drink is when you wake up, as while having a good sleep before the night, all the toxins are accumulated by your body to fleshed out, hence drinking a good amount of water immediately after waking up will help you to flush all those toxins.

Hence Stay hydrated!


Therefore these are some easy and practical tips that you can integrate into your daily lifestyle for which your immune system will thank you. While the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is fought by our health care workers, we can do our bit by limiting our exposure to the virus by staying indoors, social distancing, eating healthy, hydrating, and following basic hygiene protocol.

To know more about such interesting and valuable things on health and fitness you can read more on Big Muscles Nutrition Blogs.

We hope this answer adds value to your life!

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