Top Bodybuilding Myths Unraveled

Many feel that when you exercise well, eat well a proper sculpted body results. However the truth is far from it. A lot many other factors weigh in having their say in those matters. But a beginner is always confused unless an informed clears the doubts.

The best way to clear direction is by gaining knowledge. Only then you can steer clear of the myths and benefit. Building your body or increasing muscles will take the least time and the results will please you no doubt.

#1           Long Duration Workouts Are The Key To Muscle Gain While it is true that No Pain No Gain but only till your body can withstand. This myth has provoked many to exceed the limits and almost always broke their bodies. Tear, rupture needs time to recover and this can only happen when body is at rest. But repeating same mistakes everyday can only take you to the point of no return.

Scientific Reasoning

Excessive heavy lifting causes the hormone Testosterone—responsible for muscle growth & recovery—to decrease by more than three-fourths. Proceed ahead and the level will drop more than four-fifths and your body will be rendered unable to recover muscles. All your attempts at building muscle mass go down the drain.

Initially your workouts should never exceed more than 40 minutes.

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#2           For Bigger Muscles the weights should be lifted slowly In this stupid form of weight training the emphasis is laid on taking more time to complete a job. Obviously this needs extra strength than imagined and unless you have proper idea you will damage your body more.

The focus was on how to lift keeping coordination and hand control than on the speed.

Scientific Reasoning

Two groups were formed and asked to perform for 30 minutes. The faster group burned 70 per cent calories and 250 per cent weight more than the other group who were slowed down for this experiment.

The test concluded by finding out that increases in strength were achieved by doing as quickly as possible, without wasting time.

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#3           To Grow Big You Need a High Calories Diet! Agreed that to grow muscles you need to eat more than you shed. But first, there is a limit and second, you need an efficient metabolism to digest all you took in. Else you end up putting weight which you would not want in your wildest dreams.

Normally muscle gainers need to eat 500 calories more than his usual. His sources should be from clean fuel sources like complex carbohydrates, good fats and high quality proteins. The muscle you can gain depends on how your body processes it.

On an average, in ideal body conditions you can expect to put on a kilo or more of muscle in a month. If need be, you can always take Whey Protein as it is helpful in muscle synthesis.

#4           Imitate like a Pro This is the most damaging idea circulated. A professional bodybuilder’s body is optimized from all angles and can indulge in advanced levels. But one should start with baby steps, slowly graduating to advanced levels.

Hire a good trainer and under his supervision engage both bigger and smaller muscles. Underlining your muscle building goals and get your training sessions customized accordingly.

For muscle growth your reps should extend max up to 12 which will stimulate adequate metabolic changes. In case you are trying to build strength then your reps should max out at 8 and no more.

Scientific Reason

Imitating may put extraordinary stress and strain and your muscles may get damaged permanently. Professionals know their bodily limits and seldom exceed their levels. On the contrary, blindly copying might give dangerous results.

Conclusion Everyone should know their body limitations. No two bodies are similar. Starting with small steps and only when you build sufficient experience should proceed to advanced levels.

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