Top 6 Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Despite putting a lot of effort in the gym when Indian bodybuilders can’t get it right, they always envy the meat eaters thinking that’s the only parameter preventing from getting results. However this is a myth and to prove our point, we introduce you to not one, not two but Six Indian Vegetarian bodybuilders. Impressed? Even we were too. Let us meet them one by one. 1. Sushil Kumar (The Only Indian who won back Individual Olympic Medal)

The freestyle wrestler in 66 kg category is a complete vegetarian and never had eggs. His morning meal consists of cornflakes, milk, buttered toast and juice. His lunch & dinner has just 2 chappatis, seasonal vegetables, and a bowl of yoghurt. Protein Supplements and Multivitamins are part & parcel of his diet and he never misses them.

Sushil opines that vegetarianism is a very simple affair with not much to choose from. But when you combine it with supplements everything falls in line beautifully. The Whey Protein is fully vegetarian and has all nutrients you need. As your needs grow you can order different products with varying amounts of whey protein and also other ingredients like Glutamine, L-Carnitine, Nitric Oxide, and Testosterone and fulfill your dreams.

No doubt Sushil Kumar has established himself as a role model and we consider it apt to award him with the top rank. To us, everyone is a pioneer in vegetarian diet but somehow Sushil ranks at the top.

2. Varinder Singh Ghuman (Innovative Bodybuilder with a Smart Brain)

Varinder’s father owns a dairy farm and after scratching his head hard, an idea struck him. He drank colostrum, the first milk a mammal produces after childbirth. Colostrum is special milk with high quality proteins as well as growth hormones. The dairy farm gave him access to ample pregnant mammals and he took full advantage. The massive muscle mass helped him grab brand ambassadorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature gyms and food supplements.

Eggs are a complete NO and his diet consists only of yellow Daal, Chappati, Green Salad, Curd (Yoghurt) and Lassi. He started off as a promising cricketer but chiseled bodies swayed him and he decided to focus entirely on bodybuilding. In 2009 he won the Mr India title and is the first Asian to get to the top line of Arnold Classic Europe, and International Championship of Bodybuilding.

This is a bright and outstanding example of bodybuilding through vegetarianism achieved by Varinder Singh Ghuman. Big Muscles salutes him for his efforts!

3. Sangram Singh (A Wheelchair Bound & Arthritis patient declared World’s Best Professional Wrestler)

A professional wrestler who won Gold in 2006 Commonwealth Games suffered from arthritis and was a wheelchair bound child. But his sheer grit and determination helped him overcome his limitation and conquer the title. He was even invited to the celebrity soap BigBoss.

Sangram’s diet is as simple as it can be, and includes milk proteins, curd, daal, vegetables and fruits. But as a prolific Indian thinker, he does use the Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha to increase his stamina. Along with resistance training his routine includes power yoga, running, cardio and dips.

Recently, Sangram was announced as World's Best Professional Wrestler by the World Wrestling Professionals, South Africa. He was even signed by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) as their brand ambassador. This is another fine example of vegetarians beating the meat eaters.

4. K. V Iyer (A physician who started the Bodybuilding Revolution in India)

A physician to the Maharaja of Mysore, Professor KV Iyer started the bodybuilding trend in India, when he started a gym in 1925. A dedicated vegetarian and teetotaler he ate a lot of grains, veggies, chappatis, ragi, unpolished red rice and greens and topped with buttermilk and fruits.

Professor Iyer’s accomplishments speak a lot about him especially the mention of buttermilk and red rice. When there was no Internet, no access to international talks and seminars, and no supplement either; it is laudable that he established something India can be proud of. 5. Karuppanan Venkatesan (Silver Medal Winner who shunned Milk & Rice)

Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Championship, an exclusive competition for Vegetarian Bodybuilders is applauded the world over. Mr Karuppanan’s diet mostly consisted of samba wheat and vegetables etc. Despite being a south Indian, he shunned rice, their staple food and milk in toto.

Our vegetables and grains do include many varieties that pack protein and calcium and if used wisely can provide all that a bodybuilder needs and this effort needs be recognized. Even some dry fruits like Almonds provide the much needed plant protein and fiber needed for maintaining your body.

6. Hira Lal Dhillan (A Vegetarian since 1997 and crowned Mr Universe in 2011)

Started as a meat eater, but Hira Lal’s spiritual progresses made him shun the non-vegetarian meals in Toto. Proud to be 8-times Punjab champion, Hira Lal Dhillan won the Mr. Universe crown in 2011 and follows the dumbbells on dal route.

The best part he witnessed was that, after leaving meat he was able to gain weight by 10 kg. This change took him by surprise and he decided to never leave his newfound love for vegetarian diet. His diet consists primarily of soya beans, daal, lassi and curd. Just based on plant protein his achievements should help break the myth that vegetarians cannot match their meat-eating counterparts.

Conclusion Bodybuilding is a profession of commitment, discipline and dedicated diet regime. Whatever diet you follow, stick to it and you shall get the results. Positive tendencies are rewarded and no one should have any doubts about it. If at all there remain some doubts, we urge you to read the article again.

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