Top 5 Advanced Strength Training Exercises

Strength recalls your personality and strengthening the body muscle boost up energy and maintain the metabolic activity keeping you high and fit all day long. Let us discuss few of the strength training exercises which are standard at first starting with the beginner leading to intermediate and finally intense workouts.

Top 5 Advanced Strength Training Exercises

1. Dumbbell Deadlifts

Dumbbell deadlifts are most efficient among all the strength providing exercises. Dumbbell Deadlifts provide power to the upper body as well as to lower body. The phrase used dead lifts actually means taking it to few up levels such as simple improvement with advancement of the training.

In order to perform dumbbell dead lifts, you may stand at a comfortable position with the pair of dumbbells in hand gripped firmly in hand to provide flexible moves. You may place the palms facing towards the body alignment.

Now bend forward with the help of your butt lowering and slightly bend the knees keeping the dumb eels to ground but not touching the ground. Prevent your back from round and slowly lift back to the former position.

2. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are the major form of exercise which are formed so to provide maximum muscle strength. The more types of crunches you can perform in your daily routine, more the strength will be at your hand.

You may position yourself across the dipping station suitable for the dips to be performed. Grip in hand firmly the handles of the dipping station with full extension of arms. Cross the legs at the ankle joint and acquire the safe and secure position.

Move the stature made for few seconds lowering the chest to the level of handles of dipping station. After the moves, extend arm to push back to the initial stature and this ensures the stress maintenance throughout the exercise building strength.

3. Weighted Pull ups

For your upper part strength, you may go for the weighted pull ups. Pushing harder may let you press two dumbbells at a time, which helps target strength in your shoulders and peck.

To proceed with exercise, you need to attach weight at the dip belt and let it wrapped around the waist and take up the weight on pull up bar and grab the bar firmly from the should width ratio and both arms in full extension.

The torso must be brought about 30 degrees with exhale and pulled up with head straight and above the hands. The contraction between the shoulder blades is important. Get back easily.

4. Bench press

Bench presses are another good strength training exercise. This is considered one of the most powerful among all. The basic idea behind is that you should be able to minimize the momentum from leg forcing the lower abs to elevate hips from ground making use of highest available power you possess at the time.

Feet should be settled with lying on back under the arch. Get grasp of the stand bar firmly and take it on you with lowering it to your chest level and pushing it away. Slowing lower weight and repeat the steps accordingly.

5. Squats

Among strength training exercises, Squats are one of the top 5. Significantly effective with variation, squats can brought you down in calories and balance more with coordination.

You may position yourself across the lower back suitable for the back squat. Bend knees against the floor and push the butt maintain full stress across and add the pause, that is hold the position for five seconds or the moment you can hold on. Then you may push your heels returning to the standing position and keeping the torso in the right position.

This way considering the top 5 strength training exercise, will help you out gaining the correct posture and muscle strength with regular routine work out keeping you stay fit.

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