Top 13 Eye-Openers for GYM Goers

Bodybuilding is the latest “in” thing amongst youth. Each one aspires to look like their idols like Salman Khan, John Abraham, and the like and joining the gym is their first ideal step. However, inexperienced in this field, they make stupid mistakes which prove costly in the long run.

If you have just joined the gym or looking forward to, keep these tips in mind to get in top gear.

#1.          Do Not Rush Initially, have a look around and know the equipment. Once through, ask your trainer on the beginner routines and follow instructions. Do Not Rush for more reps. This may do more harm than good.

#2.          Don’t Go Too Heavy Newcomers aim to lift heavy from day one thinking it would benefit right from the start. But you have just started Resistance Training so lifting moderately will work much better. Only when you are two weeks old, try the higher lifts.

#3.          Proper Movements are the key Every Bench Press or Squat has properly defined movements which even seasoned bodybuilders do. They can be excused but not the beginners. For proper muscle building full movements are essential. This ensures all round muscle growth and not only on a particular section.

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#4.          Believing Supplements are Magical Unless you push yourself to limits, supplements may just do nothing. Initially, consume only fruits and nuts before and after your workouts. Remember there are no shortcuts either for muscle building or weight loss and relying on supplements is sheer waste of money.

#5.          Balance your Lifting & Cardio Remember Farhan Akhtar in the movie Bhag Milkha Bhaag? He ran 40-50 minutes along with lifting weights. Similarly in your allotted gym time, balance your lifting with cardio for maximum benefit.

#6.          Drink Water like a Fish Water builds muscles. Drink small mouthfuls of water in between your workouts. Most newcomers avoid drinking water and realize very late. Avoid this costly mistake.

#7.          Maintain a Diary Keep a note on what exercises and lifts you had this week. Gradually increase your weights per week for that awesome progress. It may not be apparent when you start but worthwhile a few weeks ahead.

#8.          Discipline All the Way Arrive regularly and on time. Once inside, focus on your job and not waste time socializing. Do not miss your workouts. Follow your trainer’s instructions and always try to keep a positive frame of mind.

#9.          Look at idols for inspiration, not their workout schedule Having an idol works best but only if you look for inspiration. They have put in years in to it whereas you have just begun. Following blindly will harm you more.

#10.       Praise your Legs Too! Only healthy legs can carry your body weight and neglecting can never take you far. Leg training is as important as lifting because exercises like squats build and circulate the most amount of natural testosterone.

#11.       Focus on the Proper Nutrition As your training increases, your body needs supplements for proper growth. Extra protein can easily be had by Whey Protein and look for special supplements for pre- and post-workout nutrition. But till you come to the level, have fresh fruits, egg whites, cottage cheese etc.

#12.       End your day with Good Sleep Only a good 8-9 hours of sleep can repair your broken muscles and help renew. Sleep rejuvenates your stressed & strained body and prepares itself for the next day.

#13.       Have a Compulsory Weekly Off Don’t treat your body as a slave. Allow it to enjoy once a week. Do anything but exercise and believe us, a cherished body shows the results quickly.

Follow these tips and see the results in just a few weeks.

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