Top 10 Ways to Fully Transform Your Physique in 2017

So you have decided enough is enough and want to shed the lazy tag and fully transform your body fast. Very good decision and we help you get the best physique quickly. Do not worry as the plan we have built is very easy to follow and get the great body shape you always dreamed of!

The New Year begins on a fresh note and you have a golden chance to improve yourself. It is a good idea to do something you can cherish and rejoice the full 12 months. So let us begin.

How to transform your body naturally in 10 steps

There are two types of transformation people yearn for. They can be classified as: 1. Get lean and muscular from bulky, and 2. Get bulky from skinny Both these needs revolve around a few essentials like diet, exercise, rest and supplementing your body adequately. How fast you can transform your body naturally will depend much on your willpower. Good will power makes good of all the nutrition to transform your body and the results come much faster.

1. Make up your mind about your goals

Asserting yourself is the best ways to go. Speak to yourself why you took this decision and what was the need for the change. Be honest with yourself and spell out 2-3 reasons. They could either to improve your health or to roam around in perfect body shape everyone boasts or you want to flaunt the biceps. This helps when you somehow slip off your track and then these very reasons bring you back on track.

2. Set Realistic Targets

Following an icon is good but don’t set it as your goal. For instance, Salman Khan, John Abraham are fitness icons no doubt, but their physique is the result of years’ disciplined life, strenuous workouts and controlled diet. If you try to imitate, you are most likely to fail.

Evaluate your body on body fat percentage and then what is the stage you can arrive quickly. Realistic targets are specific, achievable, and realistic and can be completed in a time-bound manner. Once you start, monitor your progress every alternate day.

3. Identify your Calorie Range Carefully

If you weigh, say 80 kilos and want to shed/gain weight then identifying your calories target is of extreme importance. To find out your optimal calories, convert kilos into pounds and then multiply by 12. In this case it works out to 80 x 2.5 x 12 = 2400 calories. To lose weight you should consume at most 1900 calories and burn more with resistance training. Similarly to gain weight you should have 500 calories more than what you need normally.

Your diet should have quality foods like good fats (Ghee, Olive oil, Avocado) followed by complex carbohydrates (Curd, Potatoes) and Good Protein like Whey & Casein which can also be covered by using a supplement as a meal.

3. Start with Lifting Weights 2-3 days Per Week

Be realistic again. When starting this much grueling is achievable. Lift weight on Tuesdays and Friday or Monday and Thursday and keep the weekend free. As you gain confidence, say after three-four weeks, lift heavier weights. Only when you get comfortable, you can change your schedule to thrice a week. Transform your body with exercise, immaterial if you start slowly. Slow and steady wins the race and rushing can only damage your body.

4. Cardio 2-4 times is also necessary

Running, biking increase your heart rate, pushing the blood flow. The leaps while running allow the accumulated weight to be distributed all over the body uniformly. It is good for losing weight. However if you are more concerned about it, consuming a good fat burner aids your cause.

Weight lifting helps to shape your muscles and cardio burns the accumulated fat so that the muscles sitting deep underneath the fat start to show.

5. Whey Protein is a must after your workouts

Protein builds muscles and whey protein is quickly grabbed by our body and the nutrition reaches muscle fibers starting the muscle repair process. Weight lifting breaks muscles this food helps you recover quickly and get ready for the next bout of exercising. Whey protein gets you lean muscles and the strength to burn fat.

6. Sleep At Least 8 Hours Every Night

Yes, sleeping is also part of your fitness routine. All intense exercises stretch and break you muscle fibers. Food and quality supplements provide adequate nutrition and the rest will give the muscles enough time to recover. Sleep also recharges your batteries and you get up with increased vigour and energy for the workouts.

7. Drink At Least 12-15 Glasses of Water Daily

YES! Like sleeping even water is compulsory in your fitness routine. Muscles are made up of water and it also helps drain out the toxins after your workouts. Sip in small amounts but sip regularly, throughout the day. Try drinking cold water as it is easier to gulp.

8. Weekly Off is Also Compulsory

At least for beginners, weekly offs allow your body to be free from the stress of exercising. Simply roaming around, walking, playing or any other activity lessens the strain and the body learns to cope with the exercising fatigue.

9. Eat At Regular Intervals

How you eat in this new schedule of yours is equally important. Chicken, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts, oatmeal, fruits and veggies, yogurt and dry fruits all should be included. Keep out the junk food and totally avoid booze.

Divide your food into 6-8 portions and eat each after every 2-3 hours. At least one meal should be replaced with a supplement, preferably after the workouts.

10. Keep Track of Your Progress Regularly

When you see some progress, you get motivation. Regularly take your pictures, write how many reps you did at the gym, how many kilometers you ran and what you ate in a diary. Compare these every next week and do not forget to congratulate yourself on all achievements.


Read this article in full, understand how you should proceed and just step on it yourselves. Make this New Year count so that even you can proudly look back and smile happily!

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