Top 10 Tips to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone is a steroid hormone which is basically secreted by a man’s testicles. This is hormone is considered responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics and it is vital for the maintenance of muscles bulk, adequate levels of red blood cells, a feeling of well being, and sexual activities. But the level of testosterone declines in the body of men after the age of 30. There are other causes of low testosterone level in the body as well, like an injury or infection, diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease, chemo therapy or radiation treatments, genetic abnormalities, iron overload, pituitary gland dysfunction inflammatory disease, alcoholism, obscenity, stress, etc. Here are ten tips to boost your testosterone level naturally:-

1. Lose weight: - A lot of times, weight gain is responsible for abnormal testosterone level in a human body. Low testosterone level leads the body fat to increase which in turn creates further more hormonal imbalance by increasing the formation of estrogen by converting testosterone. Losing excess pounds will help you in increasing the level of testosterone level. The best way to increase the level is to work towards losing 1 to 3 pounds to fat per week. But you should not try to cut back on your diet in order to lose weight.

2. Exercise: - Doing exercise on daily basis can help you in raising the testosterone level in your body. It also triggers the energy level and hard work will let you sleep better. It will stop you from gaining weight which keeps the testosterone level low in your body.

3. Get proper sleep: - A study indicates that testosterone levels in young men decreases from 10% to 15% in a week who sleep less than 5 hours a night as compared to those people who get a proper sleep during a night.

4. Reduce stress: - High stress level is related with low testosterone level and it also affects your sleep adversely, as a result of which your testosterone level goes up.

5. Eat healthy fats: - A studies shows that a diet with less than 40% of energy as fat results in low testosterone level in your body. Your body requires healthy fats for proper functioning.

6. Optimize your vitamin D level: - People who have low testosterone level tend to have deficiency of vitamin D in their body. Studies show that the level of testosterone gets increased when people receive vitamin D daily.

7. Consumption of Zinc: - Zinc is vital element for boosting the level of testosterone and having healthy diet is a great way to increase it. Eating goods like red meat, fish, oysters, crab, milk, cheese, beans, nuts and yogurt can help you increasing it’s level.

8. Decrease the level of alcohol: - To keep the healthy level of testosterone in your body, you must keep an eye on the level of the alcohol you consume.

9. Limit sugar level in your diet: - High sugar level in your diet can be responsible for the low level of testosterone and you can increase its level by curbing sugar level.

10. Intake of amino acids: - Studies shows that consumption of branch chain amino acids leads to higher level of testosterone specially when done with resistance training.

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