Top 10 Snacks You Can Eat Before and After Your Workouts

Workouts sometimes can fail to satisfy your wishes. This tried and tested list of 10 top snacks can change the game. The list we have compiled has varied ingredients that keep you interested. As a beginner or an enthusiast you take all care to seriously complete your workouts but often neglect your snacks before and after workouts. Our list of right snacks post your workout will no doubt quicken your recovery and help in muscle gain.

It is of prime importance to note in details what all you should eat before hitting the gym and what snacks you should eat after your workout. But it is also important how you begin your day prepping up your body for the workout which is about 1-2 hours away. This initial food will hydrate your body, preserve the muscle mass and remain watchful and assist whenever needed for speedy recovery.

Fitness Guru’s say, that your pre-workout snack should contain complex carbs and protein. But there could be some variations depending on your body needs.

Snacking Options Before Your Workout Choose any one from our list of healthy snacking options before your workout. Keep your snack size in check as bigger size means you need to wait more than the stipulated one hour before hitting the gym.

#1 Banana with handful of Nuts and either milk or water Bananas provide instant energy and are recognized as a good source of carbs. Additionally, bananas have good nutrients like potassium, manganese that go a long way to keep you away from muscle cramps. Bananas also help increase bone strength, endurance and heal wounds faster.

Nuts on the other hand have good proteins and healthy fats that promote the feeling of full. Water or milk whatever you choose is essential to hydrate your body for that satisfying workout.

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#2 Whole-wheat Bread Toast with Banana and A Pinch of Cinnamon Here is a small variation. Bread and banana load you with both types of carbs. The Cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar and also helps you keep your focus intact. #3 Fruit Smoothie with Yoghurt and Handful of Roasted Peanuts Pick any sliced fruit and blend with low fat yoghurt and a few ice cubes. Sprinkle coarsely chopped roasted peanuts for that chewy taste. 10-20 grams of good quality proteins are enough before exercising. The fruit gives carbs and yoghurt provides complex carbs that balance the sugar spike. The complex carb assures your body of sustained energy source plus they prevent muscle damage.

#4 Oats with Fresh Fruit Oats have fiber keep releasing the carbs slowly into your bloodstream. Fruits provide instant energy and the water hydrates your body and also provides some liquid in the oatmeal. The Vitamin B in oats converts the carbs into energy which comes handy during your workout.

Note: The oats should be at least 50% extra by weight compared to your fruit.

#5 Apple Slices with Almond or Peanut Butter The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the apple will keep you from crashing in between your workouts. The Almond or Peanut Butter will add protein, good fat and balance your meal beautifully. Ensure you consume at least 2 tablespoons of this butter.

Note: Eat the apple with its skin, i.e. do not peel.

Now let us see the list for your Post-Workout energy needs. Consume these goodies either immediately after your workouts or after giving a small gap. #6 Protein Shakes The fruit smoothies listed above also work, when time is short drinking a whey protein shake is the best thing to do. Ensure the carbs to protein ratio is 2:1 and you should be good. #7 Milk Chocolate Drink Studies indicate that there is enough craze on drinking chocolate milk after workouts. Many bodybuilders prefer it over protein shakes as it is very light, has most of the vitamins, calcium, sodium and sugar that provide instant energy. The water replaces the fluids lost as sweat. Moreover, adding heaped spoons of the chocolate powder adds rich and broad taste. #8 Fruit Salads One of the tastiest foods preferred for post-workout energy needs. The different fruits contain healthy carbs that restore the energy our body needs. The high antioxidants are responsible for ensuring overall recovery. The natural sugar and fiber ensure a balanced supply of carbs for a longer duration. #9 Sweet Potatoes Best source for good carbs with fiber lowers the infusion of sugars considerably. Other nutrients like beta-carotene protect the body against free radicals. The potassium rich source is fortified with Vitamin D to relieve muscle cramps and injuries in workouts.

#10 Your Choicest Post-Workout Snack or Drink We would love to give space for your chosen snack/drink for the benefit of our esteemed readers.

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