Tips for choosing the right Weight Gainer

Every body, every person is different. One cannot compare with the same yardstick. Imitating other’s bodies without considering their background and body type, could prove detrimental for your efforts.

Whether you are a beginner, a fitness freak or a seasoned pro, you need to choose the right weight gainer to build lean muscle mass.

What is a Weight Gainer?

Ever wondered what a weight gainer is and why you should use it instead of Whey Protein? Well, weight gainers contain more calories than plain whey protein and help you build lean muscles. This product has carbs to protein ratio of 3:1, meaning protein content is just one third of the carbohydrates. These extra carbs fuel your heavy duty workouts and weight lifting. All this aids in changing your overall physique.

Do you know that professional bodybuilders need these in-between supplements for increasing your stamina and strength? For example, to gain a kilogram in weight, you need around 7,000 extra calories above your normal intake from foods, beverages and other supplements!

Comparing Weight Gainers with Whey Protein

The Whey Protein provides around 80-90% protein but very few calories. After intense workouts, to replace lost muscles and increase their growth at the same time needs extra protein. However, weight gainers help those who neither can increase muscles despite having more food nor gain more calories.

Documented Benefits of Weight Gainers

1. Increased muscle mass in leaps & bounds 2. Extra energy 3. Convenient route to calorie intake goals 4. Easy food change for tight schedules 5. Quick and easy recovery 6. Good quality fats to help you stay lean and muscular 7. With added vitamins, nutrients, fiber etc. to help reach nutritional goals

All these qualities combine their effects and help you maintain a leaner body.

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Lean versus Fat gains

For achieving your objective of lean but strong & muscular, not fat body, identifying the source of calories is very important.

So whenever looking for a weight gain formula, choose the one with identified premium protein sources and complex carbs plus fats derived from medium chain triglycerides, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a low sugar combination.

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The presence of amino acids in a weight gainer plus the quick acting whey isolate and the slow and steady Casein expedites muscle recovery. This combination also prevents quick muscle breakdown. In a nutshell this combination maximizes the muscle gains and even works overtime to secure those gains.

Please understand that simple carbs and the power of glucose help attain heavy workouts. For serious calorific needs the lean gainers do provide a generous dose of complex carbohydrates.

Benefits of Complex Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals

Complex carbohydrates act slowly and hence provide the energy in a trickle. This trickle is a stable source of energy. The digestive enzymes totally reduce the likelihood of bloating.

Vitamins and minerals are essential as they improve the metabolism process. This in turn, optimizes energy production which further helps power for intense trainings.

The needs of Professional Bodybuilders

The professionals are difficult to satisfy as they always keep demanding more from weight gainers. The phosphocreatine reserve is achieved by having Creatine in weight gainers which works as energy reserve. This in turn allows you to have aggressive workouts.

Professional weight gainer formulas containing Betaine, Glutamine and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil help bodybuilders to ascend their training to next levels. While Betaine efficiently absorbs Creatine, protein & amino acids, Glutamine on the other hand not only minimizes muscle breakdown but expedites recovery after intense workouts.

Side Effects of Weight Gainers

Being loaded with carbohydrates, weight gaining formulas often lead to bloating, indigestion and fat gain.

To circumvent this problem you can try the reformulated Xtreme Weight Gainer to improve digestion and absorb the nutrients.

Recommended Usage

1. For an energetic beginning, take the weight gainer along with your breakfast 2. Maximum recovery needs a weight gainer shake 30-40 minutes after your workout 3. To maintain positive nitrogen balance, drink one shake of weight gainer in-between meals

Sleep is important for bodybuilders. Have one shake of weight gainer around an hour before sleeping to accelerate muscle recovery throughout the night.

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