The Best Ever Muscle-Building Supplement Stack

You seriously lift and squat all day but never end up bulking. Because what you are doing is just one way track, without using the correct muscle building supplements stack. To bulk muscles, you need the combination of specific amino acids and other nutrients to repair your muscles. Additionally you need something that helps your muscles to overcome fatigue, especially when you are at those last reps. However, when you have everything on your table, you can certainly watch your progress in a mirror.

Problem is only protein won't get you that chiseled body on its own. There are five other supplements you should be taking to build muscle. There are some products which promise to do the work, but the gains are miniscule. We need supplements which give great results and have scientific backing too.

Are you ready for them? Read word by word and take the first step towards bulking up!

List of top 5 supplements that help in Building Muscles

1. Creatine

Creatine the James Bond of Supplements and the Most Researched too! works by helping your body to produce energy for muscle tissues for pumping those last few reps. Also, it enhances lean body mass, increase overall strength, enhance your energy levels and bulk your muscles.

Recent research shows that Creatine helps you lose fat, allowing the muscles to show up.

After you consume Creatine, you can easily complete 13% more reps than before. This helps you shed fat and definitely increase your strength and power output thereby helping your muscles grow.

But when used with resistance training, it will probably help you shed fat and the increase in strength and power output can certainly help muscle growth.

The Dosage and Right Time of Consuming Creatine Research shows that 20g per day (5g x 4 times) makes a huge difference. After loading your body for a week, reduce the dosage to 4g daily. The research adds that men gain more strength and muscle mass when Creatine was consumed after strength training.

2. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

The biggest contribution of BCAA is they thoroughly reduce muscle damage after strength training and speed up recovery. This means you can immediately return to the gym. The best formula of 4:1:1 (Leucine : Isoleucine : Valine) where Leucine alone can stimulate muscle protein synthesis but the others help in way that the benefits become endless.

BCAA also stunts Cortisol, which otherwise degrades muscles. Now you have almost zero post-workout soreness, so that your gym experience always stays supreme!

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3. Casein and Whey Protein powder

Whey has higher leucine percentage (part of BCAA) than all other protein powders. This is the main reason why Whey has advantage over other powders, as Leucine activates muscle protein synthesis. Moreover Whey digests fast it advances quickly to your muscles helping them to rebuild immediately. Also, whey has small peptides that increase blood flow to your muscles, which means double benefit.

Casein though digests slowly, the combination with whey ensures the amino acid release is maintained for a long time and your muscles are fed for a longer time. Just 22 grams of protein every 3 hours and your muscles will benefit like never before!

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4. Beta Alanine

A potent weapon against muscle fatigue, works best when taken with Creatine! It helps gain more lean mass and lost more body fat than guys who took creatine alone.

Carnosine is something present in our muscles preventing acid build up which triggers fatigue. Problem is our internal storage is less and when we supplement with Beta-Alanine, the carnosine stock improves. In fact, just 800 mg of Beta Alanine multiple times daily elevates carnosine levels by over 68%.

Another study says Beta-alanine supplements increase muscle endurance plus help in weight lifting so that you can train harder. Beta Alanine supports lean muscle mass and increase muscle fiber synthesis too!

The Dosage and Right Time of Consuming Beta Alanine

The recommended dosage of Beta Alanine is 800 mg and for best results consume it 4 times a day. So, you can have your dosage whenever you have Creatine Supplement!

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5. Fish Oil

The Best Supplement for lowering inflammation, especially when working out. This means your muscles recover at a faster rate. And this is not all, the Omega-3 fatty acids help muscle synthesis bulk-building protein better. This shows that Fish Oil is helpful in two distinct ways. If you train really hard, the dosage of 1-2 grams capsule will show remarkable results.

Fish oil is also beneficial for your general health. It is better if you make it a part of your daily supplement routine.

Conclusion Not everyone knows which 2 supplements work best when taken together. We saw that Creatine & Beta-alanine do give best results. Further, the combination of Whey & Casein is a winning formula, no one has thought about. BCAA and the Leucine in Whey also accelerate the results. And lastly, Fish Oil not only provides lubrication, the Omega-3 fatty acid reduces inflammation and enhances muscle protein synthesis. This is the winning formula for building up your muscles quickly! All these supplements make your stack, which everyone will be after!

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