Sushil Kumar Wrestler’s Workout & Diet Plan

Olympic medal means a lot to us Indians as they are rare. What is more commendable is an Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar got them back-to-back in 2014 by winning Gold medal in just 107 seconds. To top this celebration is the fact that keeping with our holiest traditions, he has a fully vegetarian diet and yet he conquered a non-vegetarian opponent. This unique quality with a medium height of just 5 feet 6, he will surely go down as the greatest vegetarian wrestler our country has ever produced.

Strict Coaching Regime with Healthy Diet Got the Results

“Diet is just one part and coaching the rest” is what Sushil opines. His grueling day starts at 5 in the morning and goes till 12 in the afternoon. The morning session includes a 2 kilometer running which keeps him agile. Within the last few years, Sushil has transformed really into a lean, mean machine and while he is as strong as usual, he looks much more agile and young now.

Sushil and his Guru, both regard each other and have good respect for each other. The Guru often praises Sushil that if I ask him once, immediately he will start for 500 pushups and not perturbed if asked to do some more. The other lads that train with him also have almost the same qualities. Before peeping into his diet plan, let us see how he keeps all of his body parts fit.

  1. Rope-climbing – 100 climbs a day
  2. Sit ups – 150-200 daily
  3. Squat jumps – 150-200
  4. Sprints – 2-3

All this keep him fit and ready to attack like a Cheetah. Now let us see what Sushil Kumar gets the energy from:

  1. 3 kg of milk + 1 big bowl of white butter daily is a must.
  2. 300-400 grams of almonds which add up to around 15 kg in a month
  3. Sprouts, fruits, fruit juices, other dry fruits and some veggies are also in the diet plan.
  4. Eggs are occasional.
  5. Protein shakes, 2-3 bowls of curd etc. is part of daily diet.
  6. 5-6 Paranthas at breakfast and 5-6 Rotis at Lunch and Dinner plus Rice is his staple diet.
  7. Two big bowls of Daal and white rice are always included in his meals.

Sweets or Desserts

Sushil is not a foodie and is not fond of either sweets or desserts. Occasionally, that too in winters, he relishes Carrot Sweet (Gajar ka Halwa), prepared in clarified butter (desi ghee) and fresh milk. He makes sure to add a handful of almonds to it.

We know that despite giving his entire meal plan, our readers would be desperate to know his full diet plan and we will not let you down. On training days, Sushil’s total calories linger around 3,600 whereas on non-training days and before any tournament his calorific needs go down to around 1,600 calories. Here it is:

Get up in the morning at 4:40 am

A glass of a vitamin-rich drink

Before workout Ragi with 500 ml milk and dry fruits

Some time gap

Pre-workout 500 ml water mixed with a sports drink

Post-workout Protein supplements


Four - five paranthas, a big bowl of curd, and a big glass of Musambi (lime) juice

Post-breakfast 600 ml of almond milk


A bowl of rice, four-five chapatis, daal, vegetables

Time for Evening Practice: 6-8 pm

Before practice: A glass of juice

During practice A glass of sports drink


A glass of whey protein shake is compulsory.


Rice, five or six chapatis, a bowl of curd, dal, a vegetable dish

At bedtime

A glass of badam milk

As you can see his entire day is dedicated to his fitness regime and diet only. Tagged as his first love, he leaves no stone unturned and follows his fitness trainer’s instructions to the core. Though his routine is fixed the only changes that occur are in what he eats.

On Saturdays Sushil opts for the 10-15 km long run and it is the only exercise he indulges in. The rest of the time he spends strolling and chatting around.

Conclusion If you believe in whey protein shakes, eggs and almonds there is no reason you cannot earn a handsome and noteworthy body that everyone aims to possess. Just remember that along with a muscular body you should also invest in good eating habits and an agile body. Flexibility is something that should always be a part of you. The sprouts and a wholesome selection of grains like Ragi, provide all the nutrition you need.

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