Make your body smile by eating right nutrition!

It all depends on what and how you eat!

Count the time you spend on the breakfast table having your first meal. Now count the time while having lunch and then the dinner. Now focus on the time you take to finish a small bowl of ice-cream.

No prizes for successful guessing here: The ice-cream is the winner; you consume the maximum time eating, nay licking the bowl clean.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are essential meals. We have them routinely, day after day. The novelty value dies out and then we don’t relish our food. Whereas ice-cream is the totally opposite and we wait for laying our hands on the gourmet dish.

We all have grown up with similar tales.

If we reverse the above, the same story unfolds: ice-cream (not the novelty anymore) needs a major portion of the time slice.

“We attended a week long, full day seminars at a 5-star hotel. Every day we had gourmet lunch. On the fourth day, we all resented and opted for homely food instead!

Our food remains the same, what depends is what and how we eat!

Today, we need to discuss nutrition, weight-gain, weight-loss, exercises, the terms never heard as children. All day playing and monkeying around digested all we ate. We have aged but continue our practices of overlooking any dietitian’s guidelines.

How to maintain the right balance in what we eat?

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

A little deviation, some freedom is what makes our day. As humans, sticking to one routine bores us inside out. Identify and list out foods we can add, for variety. This helps us create an interesting combination to take us further.

“My neighbor attempted rope climbing and ended with a broken arm. Little did he realize how age was catching up!

Binge eating once in a while is okay, but recurrence is bad for health. But we need to gear our body up to tolerate this menace first. Else one slip and we fall out. As grownups we need to understand this.

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It takes all kind of people to make this world!

Similarly, we need to include all foods that are available in appropriate quantities to make our meals. All vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber etc. This not only gives us energy but strength to counter illnesses as well. When all departments get their due, they fall in line and this team work delivers.

Listen and Understand your Body First!

Allergies, reactions, gastric troubles, coughing, vomiting are all symptoms your body puts up for your perusal. Understand what it says and note it down. Symptoms shown by bodies may be similar, but the diagnosis is not!

Remember every body is different!

Every body’s telltale signs are different. For example:

1. Not all hunger pangs need food, sometimes its water that your body needs.

2. Yawning always does not mean sleep; it could also be lower glucose levels

3. Heartburn never means a heart attack always; it could be gastric trouble also

4. Exhaustion may be due to thyroid imbalance, may not always be due to hard work

5. Stomachache may not be only due to indigestion, lowered levels of Hydrochloric acid may trigger the same

6. Vomiting never relieves Migraine for everyone

The above indicates why everyone needs to note how their bodies communicate.

Nutritional Needs for All Bodies are Different!

Today, the sunshine vitamin D deficiency troubles all. This is true even in tropical countries as children are reluctant playing outside. The same children when grow up, exhibit symptoms not easily treated. Drinking purified, reverse-osmosis treated water rids it of trace minerals our bodies seriously need.

Think for a moment, how can one size fit all? The diagnosis and recommendations would obviously be different for each individual.

How to Ensure Everyone Gets Full Nutrition that Bodies Absorb?

There are simple tips which everyone can follow. Instead of repenting later, prevention is better. Consider this list and ponder upon, what is possible for you:

1. One meal should only be raw veggies; including broccoli & tomatoes

2. Use veggies fresh, raw and unfrozen, as far as possible

3. Either include generous helping of salads or limit cooked food to one-half of serving size

4. Expose yourself to sunlight, even if for a few minutes

5. Depend only on natural sugars and avoid sweeteners except Stevia

6. Do not overburden your stomach; have small meals every 2-3 hours

7. Keep altering the proteins. For example, almond flour, whey powder, protein shakes, protein supplement, roasted peanuts, egg whites etc. Our body likes variety, even if it is a supplement.

8. Include fruits in your diets. Wide ranging nutrients not available commercially are packed in fruits. Each nutrient brings far-fetched benefits. Fruits also bring fiber, very essential for maintaining blood glucose and easy bowel movements!

9. Dairy products like yogurt provide gut-friendly bacteria for that wellness. Including them would do a world of good!

10. Exercise, in any form, for short or long durations, helps our body excrete the used materials and make way for absorbing fresh supplies.


Our body is neither dumb nor fool. It precisely understands the needs and tries to communicate; with whatever way it can. You, the master, should be aware of all these necessities to ably handle & nurture your own body. After all, your life depends on it!

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