Importance of Amino acids in Bodybuilding

Amino acids are among the most preferred supplements in Bodybuilding. Those bulking up for a competition religiously adhere to the trio of Whey proteins, BCAA powder and Amino acid workout supplements. Read the label, and you would find Amino Acid in all of them. So what is it that makes Amino Acids the holy grail of Bodybuilding? We answer
  • Amino acids can help reduce fatigue, both physical and mental.
  • They are known to help with muscle soreness and repair muscle damage when overtraining or in case of an injury.
  • They promote an increase in muscle mass and limit fat storage. Some are even known to rid the body of fats.
  • They are also used for quicker recovery and revitalization after a heavy workout.
Now that you know why the Acids are so essential. Here is how the Amino acid workout supplements can help you in Bodybuilding.


BCAA is a group of three Amino Acids- Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine that are highly useful for bodybuilders and amongst the most commonly used pre workout supplements. Experts claim the usage of the BCAAs in a 2-1-2 equilibrium in Leucine - Iso-Leucine- Valine yields the best results.  Here’s how a BCAA powder helps Bodybuilders- While Leucine is responsible for growth and repair of tissues as well as skeletal muscles, Iso-Leucine, found predominantly in pre workout supplements promotes muscle recovery. Valine helps in repair and growth of muscle tissues. BCAAs are also known to help maintain the nitrogen balance in the body and hence promoting an anabolic environment.


Glutamine eliminates excess nitrogen from the body by combining with it to form Glutamic acid. Also, it provides with an alternate energy source in the absence of glucose. Thus it helps in preserving muscle mass. It also reduces sweet cravings and hence glutamine supplement is among the best workout supplements to consider if you are on a diet. 


It improves athletic performance and exercise capacity. Also, it helps in building lean muscle mass. Hence, Beta alanine supplement is a go-to workout supplement for bodybuilders.


One of the most popular non-essential amino acids, it has a ton of benefits for bodybuilders. It plays an integral part in weight control by limiting fat storage and promoting an increase in muscle mass. It is also known for the post-workout boost that it offers.


It is useful in the metabolization of co-enzyme A, vitamin B and lipoic acid amongst others which are essential for a bodybuilder. It also assists in detoxification of the body in case of damage caused by other workout supplements.

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