How to Lose Fat & Build Muscle

The popular belief when losing weight is you lose both: fat as well as metabolically valuable muscle also. But if you have very less muscle, losing weight is much harder too.

Fortunately, the only super food which helps you to lose weight and boost metabolism is no other than Protein. The more protein you eat the better. It has more benefits than any other foods.

Why Body Gives More Weight to Protein? Our body knows that only protein provides essential amino acids that form the building blocks of muscle. Also, exercise and particularly lifting weights, provides a signal for muscles to be retained (for next bout of exercises) even when you are hell bent on cutting calories.

The Magic very few know about! A high protein diet when combined with exercise results in an established fact, called the Magic. Ensure you lift enough weights, eat good amount of protein, drink 12-14 glasses of water and having ample rest completes your magic fitness routine. It really outshines any other weight loss routine with some benefits. Once weight is lost, your muscles start to show!

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The Magic derived out of Feedback Researchers formed a team of 100 who agreed to go on an extreme diet and exercise program.

Their calorific intake was reduced by 40 percent and indulged in intense workouts for a week, (with a weekly off thrown in). They were also asked to lift weights and do cardio.

Half were given high-protein diet whereas the other half had a standard low-protein diet. This went on for a month and the results compared later.

The high protein group had the best results. They lost around 4 kilo compared to 1.5 kilo from their standard protein counterparts. Similarly they gained 1 kilo of muscle as against zero for the others. Lastly they lost much of the fat, which was more than 10 kilos in almost all individuals.

The magical theory works beautifully and it has proved itself, the study showed.

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How to Better These Results Even Further? Though everybody is different yet some finer points can always be added to any fitness routine. To take these results further, one could reduce the time interval between two different exercise routines. In other words, the resting time should be reduced and this will increase the intensity. This in turn, would give you more muscle and kill fats more easily.

Which Protein Works Best and When? Though you can mix and match different proteins, Whey Protein works best especially after your workouts. Make it a habit to have protein in all your meals. Slowly your body will be able to adjust this extra protein and put it to best use.

How Much Protein Is Recommended? Exercising women should have at least 1.5 gram of protein per kilogram of their bodyweight. For men this value increases to around 2 – 2.2 grams. Having a protein shake is more beneficial as liquids are absorbed and metabolized better.

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Conclusion Exercise is the key to all bodybuilding routines. When protein is added in right quantity, it not only benefits us by reducing fat but aids in increasing muscles.

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