How to Lose Belly Fat Fast, Easy & Naturally

Finding a person with a flat belly is very difficult. Majority people have some fat but everyone appears keen to remove belly fat quickly. Many are interested to know how to lose belly fat naturally and quickly. We take a close look on this global problem and provide some solutions as well.

Tummy fat once accumulated is very hard to lose. Discuss this with those who are already suffering and they would admit, do anything this bulge refuses to leave. Most men struggle to keep the waist below 40 inches, the benchmark for healthy figure. Anything above and it puts you in the risk zone of diabetes and some other diseases. For women, however, the limit is 35.

The proven ways to lose belly fat fast and easy

Forget the past as we know bring to you the thoroughly studied steps helping you to lose belly fat. They are convenient and not very difficult to follow them. To speed up the process make sure you have read how modern lifestyle troubles our lives. Also, mark some fruits that help you out at this cause.

Shed Belly Fat with Cardio

Cardio means any aerobic exercise just like jogging/running/walking in a gym; biking or swimming that keeps your heart rate up at a stable level for at least 10 minutes. Leaving aside a weekly off, running at least 30 minutes per day for six days can definitely help you reduce belly fat. Brisk walking on the seventh day also helps as it breaks the monotony.

Get ready for a surprise if you continue this for a minimum of 3 months concludes the research.

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Tweaked Cardio Sheds Belly Fat Faster and Better

Carbs are the one that are deposited on the belly. After you wake up in the morning your body needs fuel and if you start running, the stored carbs are put to better use and the result is you lose Belly Fat faster up to 20 per cent  more.

Muscle builders first work on your resistance training.  Follow it up by drinking a Whey Protein shake preferably with some slow digesting protein like Casein after your running exercise. This is how to lose belly fat in gym when you combine both routines.

Avoid Sugary or Beverages with Added Sugar

Unless you restrict your daily sugar intake to 25 grams, you can never shed your belly fat. Sugar is a combination of glucose, fructose and can only liver can safely metabolize this quantity. Studies show that overload of refined sugar is converted into fat and is primarily deposited as belly fat. Moreover, excess sugar also leads to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

The more you stay away from sugar-laden drinks the better.

Add Fiber or Roughage or insoluble fiber to your diet

Did you know that fiber helps you lose belly fat naturally? Insoluble fiber or roughage or insoluble fiber has a greater role to play in your body. It absorbs water and turns into gel-like-mush that slows the movement of food through your stomach. By prolonging the transit and waiting time of foods in intestines, soluble fiber increases your feeling of fullness and reduces appetite.

There are many foods that are good sources of soluble fiber like oatmeal, beans and apples. Research shows that eating foods that provide around 10 grams of soluble fiber daily decreases belly fat by around 4 percent.

Choose Proteins for Carbs Wherever Possible to Lose Belly Fat quickly

High glycemic carbs provide quick energy no doubt but they also raise demand for more fuel quickly. Protein on the other hand is absorbed slowly and keeps you feeling full longer. This means you do not feel hungry quickly.

Research shows that when you double your protein consumption from 15 to 30 percent, you calorie consumption comes down by 440 percent.

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Correct your internal clocks for quick belly fat removal

In your overeating days many bodily calculations went wrong and “fed” into your brain. Foods like Omega-3 fats, calcium & proteins help correct these errors. Whenever your body’s inner eat-and-sleep clocks are rectified, all nutritional errors also flattened the results of which is shown all over our body.

When adhering to a healthy diet and exercise regime, it can be super frustrating when the belly fat love handles refuse to go away. Correcting the clocks can definitely help your cause.


Stopping sugars entering your body and pumping out the resident sugars by cardio exercises works wonders. Drinking whey protein as meal replacement also works without fail and you will be surprised that this is how to lose belly fat completely. One thing leads to another and when you attack from many sides; your task gets a touch easy.

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