How to Gain Weight in ways you can understand easily

Skinny guys do you want a bulging tummy?

Or healthy muscle mass all over the body?

Adding muscle mass is much easier compared to getting rid of the big tummy. You can ask people how desperately they tried different methods yet the bulge does not go away.

Those who just need to gain weight the process is to eat everything you can lay your hands on; rice, ice cream, chocolates, pizza and do it daily. However, you cannot control where the weight accumulates on your body and cutting sorry figure in public is painful.

In contrast, gaining healthy weight means improving your bodily strength and toning your biceps & triceps. This overall increase in mass helps you look great in every outfit but you still need a mix of proteins, carbs and healthy fats for everything to fall in place. Let us find out to get muscle mass quickly and with least of efforts.

Calculate your Calories

So you have decided to get an overall muscle mass. Your first step towards this goal begins with figuring the calories you need in a day for healthy weight. Ideally, for men the value is 2,500 calories. Next you should find how many calories you are consuming daily and then you add 200-500 calories to reach at a respectable figure. Note the value down and compare daily how above or below you went.

Focus on Muscles and not Fat

Once you have determined to get muscle mass all over, please ensure that all your progresses are resulting from muscles and not fat. This is possible only if you get well-rounded meals which include healthy foods that are low in empty calories.

Healthy Food Composition is Important

For all round body mass, it is necessary to ensure your major calories should come from carbs, one-third from healthy fats and the balance from protein. Though protein is important for getting toned looks, the digestion itself needs many calories and if you consume it above the recommended levels, your calories would be wasted in digesting the very protein.

Now that you know the formula, let us tell you that the healthy complex carbs can be had from rice, whole wheat, potatoes and cereals. Carbs do not need many calories for absorption and whatever we get after their consumption can be used to build muscles.

Healthy Fats should be your priority

Using heart-friendly oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and canola oil should be on your priority grocery list. These oils increase the calories without making you feel full. Further, you should have assorted nuts that you can use as mid-morning snack, like walnuts, peanuts or almonds which can add up to 200 calories. The fat content is heart-friendly and supports your overall health too.

Additional Challenges for Weight Gainers

Conforming to the above set of rules may sometimes go out of hand. To help you stick with the plan we show you the ways that aid you in many ways.

Eating Food is Difficult

You have created a list of good foods and you like them too. But sometimes meeting the target by overeating is not possible. An easy way out is to consume weight gain shakes which are yummy, tasty and delicious. Drinking liquids is far easier than eating solid food.

Shakes can easily accommodate healthy oils, proteins, carbs and other beneficiary items and easily help you consume over 500 calories. Add milk and flavouring like chocolate and even this calorific value can be scaled without much difficulty.

Dividing Meals is Important

It is better to divide your food into 6-7 convenient portions. This will avoid stomach aches and you can easily carry off the whole day. If you consume a couple of meals around your workouts, digesting them will be damn easy. Just ensure that the meals nearing the workouts have sufficient carbs that help in providing fuel to your workouts.

Meal Planning is of Utmost Importance

It is possible that due to unavoidable circumstances, you may skip a meal. To compensate, you may want to splurge on banned foods like a pizza or ice cream. Though this may look like an easy option, it will throw all of your controlled behaviour in disarray.

It may be okay once in a while, but whenever similar situation appears, you might be tempted to repeat and this in turn, may upset all your goals. Moreover, excess carbs may deposit on your tummy and make you bruised negatively.

As a solution, it is better if you formulate your meals in a way that you are never in a hurry and easily accommodate all variations easily.

Conclusion Weight gain, like weight loss is a difficult thing to maintain. It is better to plan efficiently and keep at hand whey protein supplements which you can easily consume as and when necessary. Even if you consume them your health is maintained and you do not put on any additional fat.

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