How to Fuel Your Body Before, During and After Workouts

Many conflicting theories on eating before during and after workouts are aired. It is very difficult choosing any one theory because they all look so real. We help you out on this one in an easy to understand concept.

Know your body first! Every body is different. Every body’s needs are different and you need to find out what your body needs and that too when and how much? There is no fixed routine that matches everyone’s needs. You should do a trial and error measurement.

Exercise with empty/semi-filled stomach Once you get up in the morning, have a glass of water, wait for 15-20 minutes and start your routine. Assess your training and note down whether, 1. It went normally, or 2. It was difficult to carry on from the start, or 3. It was normal while starting, but difficult to reach the goal 4. at times you found you lacked the needed energy and wished you had some carbs before starting

Once done, try the same routine after having a small banana or a granola bar, waiting for 15-20 minutes and then going ahead. Compare your notes and an indication what the body needed comes up.

It is often said that the small snack provides the body with fuel and spares your muscles during the workout. You need to find out whether, at all, your body needs a small snack before a workout or not and what difference does it make.

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A Variation is not out of the place Instead of waiting for 15-20 minutes after having a snack, start on the training immediately. Some bodies tend to throw up whereas it is ideal for many. It all depends on 1. what was the size of the snack 2. how good your metabolism is, 3. how fast you can digest, and 4. for how long your body was in fasting mode. Note down these assessments too. This will help in future.

Tip 1 Choose a snack which is low in fat. Fats slow our digestion whereas we want our body to get quick energy (having carbs & amino acids).

Tip 2 Fiber, no doubt is essential ingredient to be had daily, it is a big NO for pre-workout meals. It slows the digestion down.

Some people’s stomachs are very delicate and cannot tolerate a snack before workouts. Say 2 bananas weigh very heavy so the way out would be to have a banana with one measure of Whey Protein. This combination will surely go a long way achieving your goal.

Tip 3 Whey protein will provide the amino acids and the banana (or other carb food) will push the protein quickly.

Tip 4 As a variant, having probiotics is a good idea.

Probiotics can be a very useful supplement to take before a workout. Probiotics will help your body digest your pre-workout meal. Proper digestion is important to ensure our bodies are utilizing the raw materials we are feeding it.

Provide Energy During every Workout! Don’t assume the small snack will go a long way till the end. As soon as your workout intensity increases, the carbohydrates & proteins get consumed fast and suddenly you are physically present at the gym, not mentally.

Have a small break, hydrate yourself a bit and again have a small snack. Utilize this break to ponder over your training and what will come up in the next part of your training. This helps you to focus properly.

Your Training has not ended till you Refuel Consider refueling as an essential part of your workout. You need to put all the energy back what the workouts extracted. This is how normalcy is restored.

It is a good idea to have your breakfast after you have trained. Keep a gap of 10-15 minutes before you move on to your work.

Give your body the reward it needs! Everyone likes rewards. When your training session goes as planned, your body has fully cooperated with your aims, offering a small treat works wonders.

Tip 5 Speak out loudly to yourself; this is the treat for our accomplishment. Your brain listens too!

Conclusion These baby steps of feeding at different intervals will work wonders. When you progress to strenuous exercises, this knowledge will help you in good stead. Take care of your body, and watch how it satisfies your goals!

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