How Many Eggs In A Day to Fulfill Your Nutritional Requirements

An Egg is wholesome, naturally secured delicious food having two distinct categories of essential nutrients. The white portion is totally different from the yellow and each scores brownie points on the other. The whites are beneficial in muscle building and yellows help maintain our body at its best.

Eggs are affordable than meat and a good source of protein. The calories are low but they are a complete meal and help raise nutritional quotient of many recipes higher. Thanks to our body’s ability to completely absorb the amino-acids in egg whites make them a must have protein source.

Which Eggs are Better: White or Brown? The Brown Eggs are costlier than their counterparts and considered noteworthy. However many opine that scarcity drives the price up. Nutritionally, both varieties fair almost same only the brown variety has slightly more Omega 3 fatty acids. However this difference is not that significant.

Marketers tout these darker variants as “Desi” or indigenous variety and insist people should discard the white variety. But as far as the “strength” is concerned, no one has reported any difference. Some like to purchase costly items and somehow try to justify.

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The Small Pack of Nutritional Powerhouse It is difficult to imagine what the egg does not have. An egg normally weighs around 55-65 grams. Leaving aside the water (75%), it has 7 grams protein and 6 grams fat. Except for vitamin C, the egg is a natural powerhouse of vitamins, difficult to find in one single source.

With almost negligible Carbs, an egg is an excellent food for diabetics. It helps keep the “feeling full” satiety curve high thus improving on blood sugar levels.

Egg Whites: a preferred choice for Bodybuilders Bodybuilders consume only the white portion discarding the yolk, or the yellow portions. The laudable fact is it contains 40 proteins and rich in BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acid, Arginine and Sulfur containing amino acids Cysteine and Methionine.

Egg whites also boast of Riboflavin which improves metabolism. Also the Selenium, needed for proper functioning of enzymes and detoxification is also present. Next the whites have an equal amount of Sodium & Potassium around 50 mg.

The Yellow Yolks: important but bad mouthed about The Cholesterol in yolks is in a very miniscule quantity yet researchers recommend everyone against it. It works against your interests because the yolks are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K plus antioxidants like Lutein needed for healthy eyes. Also the cholesterol maintains integrity of muscle cell membranes.

The other loads of nutrients are Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Thiamine, Folate, Vitamin B6 & B12. They improve functioning of heart and thus help keeping our body ticking.

For critical mass building, testosterone is essential and it is uplifted by the saturated and monounsaturated fat present in the yolks.

The researchers ignore the fact that snacking on eggs is the best option for everyone. Not only for the excellent protein for good health, feeling full and protecting vital organs like the heart.

Those who fear eating too many eggs, have an easy way out: use whey protein powder which has metered dosage. Super convenient!

Eggs: The Common Man’s Nutritional Powerhouse This cheap but nutritional storehouse packs a punch. It has all the necessary ingredients to fill your stomach, help with full feeling, provides awesome vitamins, minerals, salts, protein, fats that easily are accepted by your body.

It is recommended to have at least a couple of eggs daily. Not only all your imbalances be handled well, it will also take care of your proper growth and help keep it that way.

Conclusion Eggs provide wholesome nutrition. Irrespective whether you are a bodybuilder, a student, a working professional or housewife, eggs meet daily requirements to the fullest extent. Make it a habit to have eggs daily and not allow any difficulties slow you down in your life.

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