How Beta Alanine Boosts Endurance of Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders often ask the same question at forums “I have reached a plateau, not progressing at all so what should I do?” Further they add that “somehow my fatigue does not allow me to cross my limits.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution for all: Beta Alanine, the most researched & proven supplement discovered in 1900.

Why Bodybuilders Should Use Beta Alanine Though there are many supplements for different purposes, not all work for everyone. Please note that every person’s body is different and may need different supplements. Beta Alanine is one supplement which works the same for all and hence all bodybuilders should use it for their own benefit. Soon they will find that improvement comes in leaps & bounds and satisfies all.

What is Beta Alanine and why do we need it? Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid our body manufactures, though in small quantities. We can get additional quantities from protein-rich-foods like chicken and fish respectively. For bodybuilding purpose our needs increase and we look forward for external supplementation.

What happens when we lift weights or do strenuous exercises? Some internal bodily processes keep running immaterial whether we feel about their activity or not. In brief, this happens every time:

  1. While lifting weights or doing strenuous exercises, our muscles keep building H+ ions and this decreases the muscle pH.
  2. One pH drops, the muscles’ ability to contract forcibly and maintain a high level of performance starts to drop throughout your workout session.
  3. Muscle contraction inability pushes our body to (i) not reach the desired limits during workouts and (ii) hampers our ability to produce new muscles.

In short, the H+ ions forcibly drop your muscles’ pH, which decreases our strength and we lose steam faster.

How Beta Alanine Works? Beta Alanine works on our intra-cellular buffer. As soon as muscular pH is about to drop, this supplement starts soaking up the H+ ions and improving our physical condition. This happens almost invisibly and we never experience any fatigue. This is a smart supplement and works like a lightning flash as if in auto mode.

When does a bodybuilder consume Beta Alanine? Usually, one should start with the minimal dose of 2 grams daily before starting either exercising or lifting weights. The sole purpose is to build the Carnosine levels in your body. After consuming it for a week, you can easily start your exercising routine.

Like other supplements, Beta Alanine is consumed before exercises. You should consume it daily, irrespective whether you are exercising or not, because it releases a peptide Carnosine in your system which keeps the buildup of H+ ions in check. Your daily consumption of Beta Alanine keeps increasing the level. Where the maximum level sought is 80% but even the optimum level of 65% does its job well.

How Beta Alanine works differently from other supplements? As mentioned above, you first build the Carnosine buffer by consuming it for a week. Once this is done, you can continue your exercising routine. This is totally different from regular supplements which can be consumed just before, during and post-workouts.

You can consume it for a maximum of 12 weeks and wait for 3 weeks before restarting. In this period the buildup of the peptide buffer, releasing Carnosine is enough to prevent H+ ions from troubling you. Research shows that it is this large increase in buffering capacity within our muscles that is largely responsible for the:

  1. immense strength,
  2. lean body mass,
  3. huge power, and
  4. muscular endurance gains which Beta Alanine supplementation provides.

Those bodybuilders who have regularly consumed Beta Alanine have praised it a lot and said the additional benefits are:

  • elevates endurance and you can continue almost indefinitely
  • Improves force output
  • delays fatigue and you want to go on and on
  • improves repeated sprint ability, brings smile on runners’ face

Beta Alanine’s Immediate Benefits The very first dose results in intense vasodilatation (increased oxygen supply). This occurs because Beta-Alanine increases carnosine buffer, which is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide. When oxygen supply increases, all organs get it and you can exercise for much longer.

Who can benefit from Beta Alanine?

  1. Men and women both
  2. Cross Country Runners
  3. Trained Athletes
  4. Military Personal
  5. Sports persons like soccer players, hockey players
  6. Bodybuilders who have reached a training plateau and are looking for something to take them to the next level.

Conclusion Beta Alanine is a supplement no doubt, but in a different sense. It builds its defense levels first and then attacks its adversary, the H+ ions. But the tremendous benefits it brings, keeps it a class apart from other supplements. No bodybuilder or athlete should ignore this invaluable supplement.

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