Helpful Tips to Choose Best Whey Protein

Bodybuilders are often a confused lot as there are too many varieties of protein in the market and each one tries to outshine the other. Sometimes proprietary formulation shows promise but then others question the morale. You should also read whey protein reviews and its expiry date. Lastly you should also read about the whey protein manufacturers.

We feel that seldom is the case when a bodybuilder is fully aware of what is good and what is not. As a responsible website, we feel it is our duty to guide our visitors on the whey protein pros and cons of choosing the best whey protein powder. We want you should get the maximum returns of your hard-earned money.

Arm Yourself with Whey Protein Nutrition Facts

Whey is the liquid which is leftover from the cheese making process. It is also the clear fluid on the top of the set curd (Dahi). Since this liquid contains carbs and fats, it is not the pure whey protein that the fitness enthusiast craves for. For purification, this leftover liquid goes through a filtration process.  When done, its grading changes from whey concentrate to whey isolate and whey hydrolysate.

Whey protein offers premium-quality fast-acting proteins and makes it a compulsory supplement for fitness enthusiasts.  This speeds up muscle building process and ensures a quicker recovery. Muscle building is a process of breaking muscles while exercising and repairing them with and it helps to know from what the whey protein is made from.

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How to Choose The Best Whey Protein

Providing all information on the tub is statutory, by law. A label will always carry all the information which you should carefully read. The following tips are essential to you when selecting your whey protein. 1. Type of Whey Protein Source

All labels specify whether the protein contained therein is whey protein isolate or concentrate. Very few will say it is protein hydrolysate because it is expensive. Many will write "blend" to avoid specifying the variety. You better stay away from these "blended" products. In our honest opinion, you should know what is what so that it may help you later.

Whey Concentrate It offers more bangs for the Rupee spent. Available at a lower price, it is for anyone who is not allergic to milk & milk products. As a beginner’s protein, it helps improve your health and choose a protein that offers at least 80 percent proteins by weight.

Whey Isolate Whey protein isolate has more than 90 percent protein content by weight. It is the purest protein and has a higher concentration of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) the essential amino acids that hold the key to recovery post workout injuries.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate In comparison it acts the fastest and is virtually lactose-free. It is pre-digested and is the most expensive of the three. Go for the isolate only if you are training for a show and have an objective to lose some body fat. 2. Know How Much Protein Exists in One Scoop

When you pay for protein you should get it no matter what. But a scoop should contain at least 80 percent of protein as there are other components too that make for the volume like carbs, sweeteners, emulsifiers, digestive enzymes etc.

If a scoop weighs 40 grams but it serves only 25 grams of protein you should know whether the balance has the stuff you need. Else, it is better to stay away from this product.

Tip If any product mentions maltodextrin, stay away as this is no protein but an overhyped name of carbohydrate. 3. Sugar content in your protein You paid for protein and not sugar as it has zero nutrients. Also it is way cheap than the costly whey. Moreover if you are on a diet, sugar is the last thing you want in your protein powder, as it will make you fat. Some sweeteners like Aspartame cause headaches so you should know what they have used. 4. Are Digestive Enzymes Included?

Without sufficient digestive enzymes, digesting whey protein is a difficult task. You may experience bloating and indigestion which can nauseate and you may waste your money spent on this product. Research says that some protein is digested immediately in the stomach and the balance when it reaches the intestines.

The digestion in intestines also has a larger role to play. The pancreas releases several enzymes into the small intestine called proteases, which begin to digest the protein. The amino acids within the protein are then absorbed into your bloodstream, reaching your muscle tissues.  Whey Protein fortified with digestive enzymes, such as protease, amylase, lactase and lipase improves your protein absorption rate.

Be sure to read this detail from the label. 5. Look What Else Is Packed Within

Everyone’s needs are different and you need a whey protein supplement loaded with vitamins, minerals, creatine to help achieve your fitness goal.  Read the label carefully and ensure that only useful ingredients are added and no fluff like cane sugar or corn syrup exists.

If you spend a little more time reading the label, it will work wonders for choosing the cost-effective and best whey protein.

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