Effective Cheat Meal Ideas for Weight Loss

Aiming for weight loss and planning to have cheat meals on diet?

Is it beneficial or can work against our goals?

We know this question would trouble you the most, but believe us, cheating once in a while is “Much More Beneficial” than not cheating at all.

And there is a definite reason for this argument!

Your body is much smart. Everyone thinks the best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. But it does not work that way. The more you lose, the more your body fights back by slowing your metabolism and increasing your hunger.

What is the best way out to keep our body from unnecessarily fighting back?

To impress upon the body that it is NOT starving. That is, in a week, one day you eat anything which is prohibited for the weekdays. This satisfies the body, that yes, we are still eating what we ate earlier and there is no starving.

With this signal, you put the defense mechanism on a slow gear and in fact, you can easily progress eating less on the week days and benefit immensely.

List of cheat meal ideas that work well for your body

These foods have lots of veggies and healthy protein included which counter the otherwise unhealthy carbohydrates and fat combined together.

1. Wheat Semolina Pasta Pasta made up of semolina is considered much healthy. Including bell peppers, spinach and cheese ensures your craving for fast foods end for some time. Whenever you have nutritious ingredients, the meal is often labeled as healthy.

Nutritional Info

  1. Calories - 320 kcal
  2. Carbs -32 gm
  3. Fat -12 gm
  4. Fiber -2 gm
  5. Protein --15 gm

The presence of protein and fiber classifies this meal as healthy whereas the addition of cheese transforms the food into a fast food type category.

2. Modified Paav Bhajee

Use the low cholesterol butter available in the market and you can still create this hearty meal and have to your heart’s content. Instead of the normal paav, use the whole wheat bread or multigrain bread and you are good to go. Use minimum potato in the bhajee but include more of beans, tomatoes and onions and cook it as usual in the above butter. Make sure to top off the bhajee with a butter dollop and enjoy.

Nutritional Info

  1. Calories - 365 kcal
  2. Carbs - 42 gm
  3. Fat - 8 gm
  4. Fiber - 3 gm
  5. Protein – 12 gm

Again you have the combination of 12 grams protein and 3 grams of fiber make it the healthiest cheat meal. The fat content is also less and it is good for you.

3. Delicious Egg Bhurjee

Eggs are the preferred food source for bodybuilders as it is loaded with ample proteins. Relishing a homemade egg bhurjee with lots of vegetables and spices is the best choice for your taste buds. Ensure that instead of using regular butter, you should use the new variety of butter which costs almost one-fourth of the normal table butter.

You can use as many spices and condiments to make this dish tasty, there is no limitation there.

Nutritional info

  1. Calories - 395 kcal
  2. Carbs -30 gm
  3. Fat -10 gm
  4. Fiber – 2-3 grams
  5. Protein -17 gm

The healthy combination of protein and fiber gives you the goodness of 20 grams of beneficial items. You can increase the eggs for increasing the protein and make it beneficial, though it is a cheat meal.

4. Crispy & Tasty Paneer Tikka

Paneer or Cottage Cheese when marinated at home using thick curds & lemon is an exotic meal, especially when you need something mouthful and delectable. You can even use the regular tomato sauce and the homemade green chutney for that deadly combination.

With so much protein around, you can also use normal butter for that unmistakable taste, making you eat more and not stop.

Adding lots of veggies including green pepper, onion and spring onions makes this dish a worthwhile one.

Nutritional Info

  1. Calories - 250kcal
  2. Carbs - 12gm
  3. Fat - 8 gm
  4. Fibre - 1.7gm
  5. Protein - 41gm

This whopping 41 grams of protein says its own story. In fact calling it a cheat meal would be demeaning, but nevertheless this is one of the tastiest meals to have.

5. White Rice with Chicken Curry

White rice is almost a big No for diet eaters. Yet the presence of chicken ensures lots of protein and the curry makes up for the high glycemic index of white rice.

Nutritional Info

  1. Calories - 455 kcal
  2. Carbs -41gm
  3. Protein - 38gm
  4. Fibre – 1.5gm
  5. Fat - 20 gm

Here, do not go overboard with white rice and have it in moderation. But make sure to inhale the flavour which emanates from the rice. The protein makes up for any excess amounts of carbohydrates you get in with this recipe.

Fruit Salad If you use thick milk (Rabri), then it already contains a lot of benefits derived from milk. Use the sweetness the fruits bring along with and totally discarding the refined sugar. Now you can add heavy cream and a horde of other fruits to make this one really delicious.

Nutritional Info

Calories - 128 kcal Carbs -14 gm Protein - 15 gm Fiber - 3 gm Fat - 4 gm

So now you can see how delicious treats we have lined up for you? Once in a while or in a week does not mean you have really cheated. Instead you have given a new leash of life for your body and it will go great guns after you have done your work!

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