BigMuscles' Partnership in 1st Edition of Olympia Amateur India, Mumbai

BigMuscles has partnered for the first ever festival on fitness. The arrangement is so grand, almost world's who's who will be here in front of millions' eyes. Not only newbies in bodybuilding sphere will benefit to the fullest, the experienced will also get to compare their bodies live.

Pleased to announce the first ever Indian edition of Olympia Amateur India under the aegis of International Health Sports & Fitness Festival (IHFF) to be held in Mumbai on October 13-15, 2017. This is a huge opportunity for newbies into the bodybuilding sphere to see their respective idols and their chiseled bodies for the first time. Looking at the huge interest Indians have shown in bodybuilding, this even will be a grand success with the best ever participation seen till date.

BigMuscles is proud to be the Platinum Partner in this B2B fitness and wellness expo that will provide countless opportunities for creating a better, healthier you! BigMuscles invites all its loyal clients and well wishers to attend this fantastic festival and get a chance to meet their favourite fitness celebrities including Sahil Khan, our brand ambassador.

Bodybuilding Celebrities Participation Guaranteed!

When a grand festival of this scale is organized, how can the celebrities be left behind? BigMuscles have already invited the celebrities and even they have obliged. The celebrities are: Sangeet Nath, Neeraj Singh Pawar, Sunaina Setia and Naseeb Tamang. There will be others too as who will try to miss out such a big platform to showcase how muscular they are?

[caption id="attachment_6905" align="aligncenter" width="443"]Sangeet Nath Sangeet Nath[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6906" align="aligncenter" width="447"]Sunaina Setia Sunaina Setia[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6907" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Naseeb Tamang Naseeb Tamang[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6908" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Neeraj Singh Pawar Neeraj Singh Pawar[/caption]

A brief on other participants

Almost anyone & everyone who is related to bodybuilding is sure to attend. Still, the list includes: Fitness Clubs/Gyms, Fitness Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers, Nutrition/ Supplements Distributors & Manufacturers, Fitness Software & Applications, Gym Managing Softwares, Fitness Innovation Displays, Fitness Apparel and Clothing/Gear, Health Beverages & many more...

Well, the above was just a sampler and you could expect many more private & govt. bodies jumping in to show their presence.

Boon for Visitors like Never Before!

As a first, there are so many exhibits & contests that visitors will forget to count! Hang on, we put them for you:


  1. Yoga,
  2. Meditation,
  3. Pilates Fitness,
  4. Resistance Training,
  5. Health & Nutrition,
  6. General Fitness,
  7. Connect (meet right people),
  8. MMA (mixed martial arts),
  9. Seminar Zone,
  10. Guest Pose from Kai Greene, Big Ramy, roelly Winklaar etc.
  11. Super Gym (Live Workouts from Celebrities)


  1. Strongman Amateur Championship
  2. World Wrestling Entertainment (recruitment)
  3. Male Model Search
  4. Female Model Search
  5. Bombshell Workshop
  6. Shivfit Crossfit (Battle of the Fittest)
  7. Bodylifting (Chin ups & Dips)
  8. Arm Wrestling
  9. Spinathon Challenge

Needless to add that anybody who is even partially attached to bodybuilding, will try to get himself in, at all costs.

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