Best Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplements

It’s common these days that each one among you always schedules a specific time for work out. It has become a significant part of your day to day lives. No matter whether its morning or evening you are ready in your gym costumes to hit the treadmill. But why should you make out time for work out. The reasons are multifarious such as give a you happiness, keeps you stress free, let you achieve your goals, allow you to survive heart attack risks. In addition to that promises you sound sleep and fills you with loads of energy. But during work out you actually lose quite a lot of your power and energy. Therefore to revive that muscle soreness or muscle tissue damage you have to resort to some sort of muscle recovery supplements that you are to take after workout. Hence today will learn about some of them at length.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

The moment you are working out the body exhaustively breaks down the muscle tissue instead of making it. Therefore it remains in a catabolic form therefore in order to recover the body uses proteins from the muscle like amino acids. Well it consists of leucine, isoleucine, valine. Among these the leucine actively builds up muscle protein. Once you consume BCAA it will reduce fatigue, tiredness and produce serotonin as well that help in muscle soreness and recovery of muscles.

Dosage: As you are going to consume the powdered form of the BCAA therefore take max 8gm only. Definitely it will help to reduce the soreness in the muscle.

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Glutamine is a naturally forming amino acids present in the body. It particularly builds up protein in the body.  It is actually transferred by the blood to the rest parts of the body. Basically it takes care of your immune system, helps functioning of the guts. On the whole it increases the muscle strength allowing gearing up work speed.

Dosage:  Initially you can have something between two to five gms for two times in a day. But athletes who need more power can consume to ten grams in a day. The moment you take this actually you are inviting vitamin B12 responsible for building muscles and also recovering muscle tissues as well as muscle soreness.

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Beta Alanine

It is a type of beta amino acids which occurs naturally. It is basically a recommended post workout supplement for muscle recovery which increases the level of carnosine in the body. Moreover it consists of components like Dipeptides, anserine, histidine as vitamin B 5. In addition to that it consists of GABA. As told earlier it enhances the level of carnosine in the body well it is a peptide which shields your muscle from building up hydrogen ion. Now if the hydrogen ions increase it hampers the proper functioning of the enzyme. Now if the ph is disturbed it causes muscle fatigue. And here comes the beta alanine also helps to get ample antioxidants in the body as well.

Dosage: You can have 800 mg of amount. In a day you can consume 4 times daily. Buy Beta Alanine Online

Creatine Hcl

Creatine is a type of amino acids situated in your muscles. And the muscles store this as phosphocreatine. The moment you start doing high end exercises like weight lifting, the muscles begin to get additional energy. Well this creatine draw water to the muscles causing protein formation. You should not compare creatine with caffeine related supplements. Moreover it is something which provides ample of energy and make you work harder. The best thing about creatine is that it does not allow you put on weight. Moreover it shows up the lean body by highlighting muscles. Additionally increases your stamina as well. It is better not to have caffeine when you are on creatine. Actually it does not leave any side effect on the body as you are consuming the creatine for lesser period. Still if you cannot resist the consumption of caffeine what you can do is that have equal amounts of water as inadequate water can cause dehydration. Therefore as per experts you can have more increased energy after consuming creatine.

Dosage: Now coming to the dosage you can take four times in a day. And each time you have 5 gm only. Moreover you can have this post workout with fruit juice as well for recovering muscle tissue damage.

Citrulline Malate

When you are on massive work out training, certainly it pulls out the most of your energy. The combination of malic acid and citrulline will reduce your fatigue and help you get amino acids in the body.

Dosage: If you are on power training can consume 9 gm daily. If not then three gms will be enough followed by a single dose in a day.

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