9 Ways to Make Protein Shakes Good

Bodybuilders know the importance of whey protein and casein protein supplements. The former helps in pre and post-workout sessions whereas the latter helps build muscles when we sleep. The problem is, no matter how good the manufacturers formulate these supplements they do not appease everyone. Many of them retort saying protein shakes taste bad.

Indians for instance, prefer a heavy chocolate flavour whereas the westerners prefer a bit light. India being a hot country, the vanilla flavour does not get the same rank it easily gets abroad. These quirks hit the bodybuilders hard because flavour is one component that entices them to enjoy while drinking.

Noting all these problems we have compiled tips for making protein shakes taste better. We will appreciate if you can add to this list with some interesting additions.

Simple Methods You Can Use To Make Protein Shakes Tasty

#1 Add Curd (Yoghurt) Homemade curd can either be full fat or zero fat and both are thick and tasty. It has a slight sour taste and when you add a small fruit like banana, the thick combo can be drunk easily. If weather permits, you can also add a few ice cubes in the blender. The complex carbohydrates in curd easily offset the ones in the fruit.

#2 Add Seasonal Fruit Adding fresh fruits is also an option to try out. Fresh fruits like banana, orange, watermelon, cherries, raspberries, strawberries can be used. Cut into small pieces, drop a few ice cubes, protein powder and blend. Mix a pinch of Stevia if needed. The fruits also bring along other helpful vitamins and nutrients making it a complete drink.

#3 Add more water Strong flavours sometime put you off especially the ones like vanilla, strawberry etc. The easiest solution is to add more water and blend again. The only drawback is you will need to drink that extra liquid for meeting the full dose. Add a pinch of Stevia if needed.

#4 Add Milk Convert this protein shake into a milkshake. You can add some finely cut fruit and blend. A few ice cubes can add some good texture and make it fluffier.

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#5 Making a Smoothie Add a generous helping of a fruit like banana, cherries, raspberry or mango and give it a whirl. Add a few ice cubes, some sweetener and blend again. The smoothie is a healthy option because it brings along the fruits’ benefits. No wonder if you smile from ear to ear saying protein shakes taste nice too!

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#6 Add Chocolate/Health Drink Powder Indians are used to health drinks like Bournvita/Horlicks. They can easily add a tablespoon to their protein powder and can either munch it away or drink as a shake.

#7 Add a scoop of Ice Cream Ice creams are available in lip-smacking flavours and often have over dozens of varieties to choose from. Even the ice lollies have attractive colours and flavours you just cannot resist. Using them instead of ice can throw up a dozen more flavourful shakes.

#8 Add Instant Coffee Powder Pouches of Instant Coffee are readily available at all outlets. Add some ice, milk, Stevia and a pouch of instant coffee powder and blend. A rich protein shake in coffee flavour is ready. The ice makes it fluffier. Coffee is famous for its caffeine which keeps you alert and goes a long way in your workouts.

#9 Soaked Almonds Paste Soak a few almonds at night. Peel the skin the next day and grind to a fine paste. Add some Stevia to taste and milk and blend with your protein powder.

For tips on using other fruits successfully the discussion top muscle building fruits can enlighten your life. We are sure you will get some new ideas to explore.

There is no hard or fast rule in creating a shake. Ensure that while exploring your options you don’t add unnecessary carbohydrates and disturb your bodybuilding diet restrictions.

Lastly, it is always beneficial to consume what you really like. Swallowing may take the protein powder down but the burps may not be pleasant and disrupt your overall mood. It makes sense to try all your options and decide the winning combination – the one that wins you over!

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