9 Signs Your Diet Is (Or is Not) Working for You

So you have started a weight loss program and are very anxious in concluding whether it is working efficiently or not, right?

Mind you, don't get overboard if you find the skinny jeans fitting well, actually it has no meaning. The real indications are totally different and we want you to know them first, before reaching to any conclusion.

Furthermore, if you get too focused on losing weight, damaged bodies may result which may be terrible to think about. Have you considered the likes of: irregular bowel movements, mood swings, drained out bodies … is this what you wanted?

If not, then what are the signs that show our weight loss program is working well?

Some easy signs that tell you if the program is indeed working!

1. You Feel Good About Yourself

An overall balanced feeling and zero mood swings shows you are good mentally and physically. When this happens your face glows naturally and the feeling reaches all those in front. A nourished body speaks volumes about itself and it shows!

2. Your Bowels Clear with great Regularity

When bowels clear out regularly, the possibility of toxins staying within your body is next to nil. This shows that whatever you are eating and what all you are exercising is having a positive result. Even this feeling contributes to your feeling good!

3. You seldom release a series of burps!

No acidity problem and hence no burps either from the top or the bottom (you know what we mean)! In other words, whatever you eat is easily digested and there are no allergies whatsoever, and even if there are some, your body handles it well.

4. You stay energetic whole day!

This is the most important point. Once you get up and till you go to bed, you never feel lethargic. You have copious amounts of energy working within. You do not feel the need for that evening cuppa, at fixed times. This is how everyone should be!

5. You feel your body is at peace with everything.

If all your bodily functions are happening at the right pace and at right time, you know your body, your mind and everything within is at peace with each other, in total harmony. Every time you get up, if you feel strong and confident shows you are in best position you would like to cherish for long!

How to tell if your diet is NOT working?

6. You don't feel like doing anything

If once you get up, you long to get back to your bed shows there is something seriously wrong with your diet. If you feel the need for too much coffee or tea, shows you lack energy. If your night sleep is not peaceful shows that your diet just cannot provide optimum protein and vitamins. All this shows you seriously need to analyze your diet.

7. You have a hard time Emptying Out!

Your diet surely lacks either enough fat or fiber in all of your meals and there is no roughage to push the excreta out. Until you improve your diet and ensure your potty is clean and easy to push out, you cannot expect your other body parts to sing along!

8. You always have something troubling you!

Constipation, headache, sore throat, fever … one symptom continues after the other and the chain refuses to die down. All this shows you are having something which is hurting your immunity. Check whether your diet has too many processed foods, excess sugar, alcohol or other similar substances. Increase your water intake and cut the excess of everything and allow your body to work silently and for longer periods. With rest and proper foods, the condition will improve for sure.

9. You always long for everything

This is how your body tries to throw hints: you urgently need nutrients. If your attention frequently turns toward sweets, it shows you need protein. For salty foods, it means mineral deficiency. Try to improve your meal quality and have wholesome foods which includes protein, some healthy fats and some small amount of carbohydrates.

If after adhering to all these directives the results do not show, try meditation, yoga, pilates and even resort to fasting as it helps clean your mind, body and soul.

Conclusion Your body is intelligent and always tries to communicate. It is up to you whether you understand the hints properly or not. For example, if your body burps immediately after you eat, shows the food is not meant for you. Similarly, if you feel hungry too frequently it may mean you are missing out on water. It is your body, so try to understand what it is trying to tell and your condition will definitely improve. Why miss out on this free communication?

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