7 Steps To Boost Internal Strength

Bodybuilders are focused on biceps, triceps and waiting for them to bulge. Many a times their efforts don’t bear fruit as good as thought. The growth is stagnant. But nature helps to rescue from this situation using Testosterone, the internal growth hormone.

This hormone is the one that defines male features, the sexuality, and reproduction ability plays a vital role. It helps dictate the terms on muscle mass and bone density. With age advancement this can decrease but can be controlled & boosted by regular resistance training. There are other tactics that boost testosterone naturally.

#1           Avoid Sugary Products Plain sugar is just sweet taste, zero nutrients and only calories. Eating sugar raise Insulin levels which the testosterone hates. If inching for something sweet, try eating a small fruit like orange instead. Eating a fruit is much more beneficial than just plain juice.

A whole fruit packs in nutritional products such as vitamins, minerals and fiber which our body always welcomes.

#2           Eat Zinc Loaded Products Zinc is best obtained from your diet. Research shows zinc playing a crucial role in controlling testosterone level in men. Protein rich foods like meat and fish are a good source. You can also try supplements for your recommended daily dosage.

#3           Take Less Stress Higher stress levels hike cortisol levels having a negative effect on testosterone hormone. Keeping your expectations less also helps in this fast paced life. Overdependence also leads to stress. Postures like Yoga, Meditation and Forgiveness help you calm down, thereby raising the hormone level.

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#4           Drink Water Water, the elixir of life is actually so, as far as testosterone is concerned. Dehydration, no matter how less or severe, has drastic effects on Cortisol and Testosterone levels. It is best to hydrate yourself thoroughly. Water is so cheap, why drink less and invite other ailments close?

#5           Include BCAA with your Resistance Training Branched Chain Amino Acids found in Whey aid in muscle synthesis. Look for a dependable BCAA supplement and include it in your resistance training regime. It will boost your testosterone level and ensure you are never short of this hormone.

#6           Maintaining healthy level of Vitamin D Available from Sun’s rays, Vitamin D is both a vitamin and a hormone. Optimum levels ensure no muscle weakness. The best way to obtain it is by prolonged Sun exposure. Better still, have a light oil massage before exposing your body to sun.

A daily supply of 3000 IU Vitamin D increases testosterone levels to optimum levels.

#7           Sufficient Sleep Get early to bed and ensure at least 8-9 hours of sound sleep. Any hour less will also down the testosterone level. Also less sleep means more stress as body cannot repair the broken muscles while exercising. As noted above, this is not beneficial.

Why miss out on the opportunity to recharge your batteries? Sleep ensures all body parts are brought back in balance which restores confidence.

Conclusion Nature has built enough provisions for your progress. Sleep replenishes your energy levels, water helps in keeping organs in working condition, Sun provides the essential vitamin D, a broad minded approach and healthy lifestyle can keep you in tip top condition. This will also help you maintain healthy testosterone hormone at peak levels so that you can never be pulled down. Shouldn’t we thank nature for all these goodies?

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