7 Proven Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally


Before I tell you how to boost your testosterone levels naturally, you should know what testosterone is and how it impacts your health, and why it is important to have a good balance of this hormone.

Testosterone is the male primary sex hormone that is present in the majority amount in males and in some amount in females as well. It is a steroid hormone, produced in men’s testicles and women’s ovaries.

This gives males its characteristics such as muscle mass, dense voice, facial hair, sex drive, Mood, the way body stores fat and the count of red blood cells as well.

The production of this hormone starts from the age of 11(Puberty) and begins to slightly drop after 30 when you progressively age.

Since having a low amount of testosterone can cause,

  1. Less Energy/Fatigue
  2. Mood swings/Low Mood
  3. Lack of sex drive
  4. Muscle and bone loss
  5. Low self-esteem/Depression
  6. Weight Gain
  7. Hair thinning/hair loss
    Male with low Testosterone

      That is why it is very important to have a healthy or balanced amount of testosterone levels in your body.

      So what are those factors that lead to deterioration/imbalance of the Test. levels, and so you can avoid,

      1.Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking.

      2.Poor and inactive lifestyle.

      3.A lot of consumption of processed and junk foods

      4.Lots of stress/living in a toxic environment

      5.Improper sleep/bad sleeping schedule

      6.Overconsumption of sugars.

      Are some of the factors which collectively integrate to create an imbalance in your hormones which further lead to a decrease in testosterone.

      Therefore, here are these 8 evidence-based ways to increase your testosterone levels safely & naturally

      1. Get a good amount of Vitamin D.

      As we know our sun is the best source of vitamin D, regular exposure to a good amount of sunlight especially from 6AM to 10 AM for about 20–30 minutes is sufficient for your body to obtain vitamin D.
      Various studies have proven that optimal levels of vitamin D are required by your body to produce good quality of hormones.
      Thus try to be in the sunlight for a good amount of time regularly, apart from sunlight you can add foods that are rich in vitamin D such as egg yolks, salmon fish, mushrooms, cow milk, soya milk.

      good amount of Vitamin D

      1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

      Eating a well-balanced diet that should be composed of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are very important for testosterone production.
      Which is your diet should have a good amount of protein(Eggs,Whey protein, lentils, legumes, nut butter, etc) and good carbohydrates( White Rice, Whole Wheat, Oats, Millets, Potatoes, Whole Grains, etc)

      Especially eating good and healthy fats is most important for testosterone as our body uses fats to make this hormone, thus eating good quality fats such as Desi ghee, Whole fat milk, Dry fruits, seeds(chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin), avocados, white butter, etc will help your body to produce better quality hormones. Hence never run away from healthy fats and a balanced diet.

      Apart from these major nutrients, you should also add zinc and magnesium in your diet as these two minerals help to increase testosterone levels as well.

      You can find zinc in avocados, blueberries, pomegranate, and magnesium in spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter.

      Eat a healthy and balanced diet

      1. Having a good quality sleep

      No matter what you are doing right all throughout the day, you may have the best diet and exercise in the world, all those efforts won't come into actual results until unless you are having a good quality sleep.

      Which is your body repair itself in the state of rest, having a good quality sleep for about 7 hrs daily will help your body to repair efficiently which is better production and regulation of hormones, better energy throughout the day with better focus. Thus try to prioritize your sleep and sleep like a baby.
      Also when it comes to good sleep it is the quality of sleep which is more important than the quantity of it, hence switch your phones before going to the bed an hour ago, have a cold shower, meditate and sleep.

      You will feel the change yourself within days after having a good sleep schedule.

      Having a good quality sleep

      1. Exercise

      Exercise is really important for good production of testosterone specifically weight lifting and HIIT.
      A lot of studies have proven that engaging in weight lifting 4–5 times a week helps to increase the production of testosterone in your body, which is lifting weights and doing compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press and never go crazy/binge on cardio exercises as doing a lot of cardio in they gyms doesn't support muscle growth and elevate the production of cortisol which again decrease testosterone levels.

      Also, the main point to remember here's to never skip your legs training as a lot of new people avoid training the lower body which is the foundation of a body, hence training your legs which is doing leg exercise 1–2 times a week, which will definitely help you to elevate your testosterone levels.

      Along with weight training, you can also add HIIT(High-intensity interval training) workout such as skipping rope, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.

      Various studies have proven that integrating HIIT with weight training can really help you to build good muscles, help in weight loss, and increase testosterone. That is why exercise and having an active lifestyle is the first element of a healthy lifestyle.


      1. Reduce your body weight

      Now if you are the one who is overweight and obese, you would be having low levels of testosterone as the more fat tissues/fat storage your body has the more of testosterone would be converted into estrogen (The other hormone you don't want in a large amount) which is it leads to the imbalance of your hormones and weight gain.

      Thus try to reduce your weight by eating whole and nutritious foods in a calorie deficit, working out, and having a good sleep, and losing extra fat from your body.

      Since being obese overweight a period of time tends to disturb the way hormones cycle regulate in the body which again deteriorates the levels of testosterone.

      Reduce your body weight

      1. Having Natural testosterone boosters.

      A testosterone booster is a supplement that helps to elevate testosterone levels in your body.
      Now there are a lot of testosterone boosters available in the market, but the important thing to look for is to choose a natural testosterone booster that is free from any additive chemicals in it and is 100% natural.

      Libido Nutrition natural testosterone booster

      Thus you can use Big muscles nutrition natural testosterone booster[LIBIDO - BigMuscle Nutrition] which is wholly made up of natural herbs like ashwagandha, shilajit, maca roots, Tribulus extract, fenugreek, Safed Musli which are natural and clinically proven to boost testosterone levels in man naturally without any side effects. 

      natural herbs

      The most studied herb which helps to increase testosterone levels is ashwagandha, some of you might have heard about this natural herb. Ashwagandha is a small evergreen shrub. It grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa

      Ashwagandha is been used from ancient times to reduce stress and calm the mind for a peaceful sleep, the other amazing benefits this herb gives is that it also helps to boost testosterone levels in the body, which again gives all the benefits of optimum testosterone levels such as good muscle mass, less fat(lean body), helps calm the brain, reduce inflammation, lower cortisol levels, strengthen the immune system and control blood sugar levels.

      1. Minimize stress and cortisol levels.

      The time we are living in stress is very common due to the speed of life we are processing with, whether it is a child who is studying or a normal person who is working, stress is very common.

      Which is having some acute stress is good for humans in order to accomplish something, the thing that makes it worse is being in chronic stress that too for a longer period of time which increases the hormone called cortisol in our body, and with the increase of cortisol, testosterone starts to drops which further disturbs the whole mechanism of a good body.

      Stress Management

      Thus try to manage your stress levels, do the things which make you happy, have a good time with your loved ones, be discipline, exercise, eat good food, and laugh a lot.
      You just have one life that too is very short, thus try to make the most out of it.

      Therefore, you can follow these necessary lifestyle steps to optimize testosterone levels. You will improve your health and body at the same time.

      To know more about such interesting and valuable things on health and fitness you can read Big Muscles Nutrition Blogs.

      We hope this blog adds value to your life!

      Thanks For Reading!!! 

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