5 Quick HIIT Workouts for Beginners

You must be surprised with the word HIIT, well these are the trendier and classy to grab attention to speak the abbreviation more as they take less time and catch more to the mind. You must be wondering about what the HIIT means, you might have asked to your closed ones or may haven’t as sometime you may feel shabby to ask such things which are in trend and probably only you are the one not knowing about it.

Relax, we will let you know whole about it. HIIT is not a magical word, but just an acronym for the High Intensity Interval Training. Now a question may arise in your mind what does it do? Right, well it has the potential to lit up maximum calories in a very short span of time. That is the beauty of HIIT which has made it a trend into the fitness enthusiastic world. The fitness industry is all talking about it.

If you are beginner and need to work for maximum calories in achieve results in ahead of schedule, we will let you know few Quick HIIT workouts for the beginners which will let you achieve your fitness goal sooner and effectively.

1. The warmup phase

For the HIIT workout, it is necessary that your body is already ready for the high intensity workout or else it will demerit the exercise and have a bad impact as well. You may jog for a while like about 30 seconds or may march for the similar span of time.

You may now stand and relax to stretch your muscle of arms by rotating it into your flexible zone comfortability. And start up with the front lunges leading to the side ones and finally to the back lunges, done for both the legs consecutively.

2. Ten Min HIIT beginning workout

Your body is specifically ready to take up intensity at a slower pace now. But as you are done with these, you will get for the next move which is more intense and last for 20 minutes. You need to perform jab cross exercise for right and left side.

You may continue for jumping jacks. Perform the exercise in set of 15 – 20 rounds for both the sides and complete. You may then rest for 10 seconds and continue for other move.

3. Sumo Squats

After the Jab cross and jumping jacks, you may align your feet wider than hip width and lower the weight at heels up till you achieve the thighs parallel to ground position. Return to original position and repeat the step.

4. HIIT Push up

Start to boost your power with a heavy 20 minute traditional push up with an addition of squats and butt kicks along. Perform push up and rest for 10 – 20 seconds and do the butt kicks for a minute and rest.

5. Side lunges

Keep the body weight to heels and place toes forward and perform the conclusive deep lunges lateral to the body alignment and repeat with both the legs. Rest in the relax position for 30 seconds.

Stretch out and conclude your HIIT workout.    
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