5 Best Supplements for Fast Weight Gaining

That is right; in just 4-6 weeks you will gain weight and also build muscles. You will hit two birds with one stone and fulfill both your wishes: weight gain and add muscles.

It is the minimum and you can gain some more too. All you have to do is to read this article in full and follow the words with total spirit and conviction.

It is interesting to note How We Arrived on these Supplements A few months back our team tried all supplements and followed the instructions too but nothing seemed to work. We don’t say that either the supplements were adulterated or the instructions not up to the mark. We did not get the results and that shattered our spirit.

We decided to leave everything for the moment and get more insights before regrouping and stepping on it again. Least did we know that our efforts would soon bear fruit.

Right info at just the Right Time Arrives We talked to many old-timers and read journals both online and offline and tried any info not seen by us earlier. We were amazed; most articles missed out on one critical aspect:

Conditioning your body; preparing it up for the big occasion!

We start exercising all of a sudden and feed supplements as and when needed. Problem is, this does not work for all and unfortunately we all landed in this bracket.

The break proved like a boon and we decided to start again, starting with: as you guessed it right, Conditioning.

Best Supplements for Fast Weight Gain

The Best Body Conditioning Supplement to Start With We thanked our stars and purchased a bottle of Beta Alanine. Starting with the minimal 3 grams dosage we went about doing light exercises including cardio, step-ups with dumbbells, jump box, pushups, and lifting weights. This went for about 10 days and we noted how we felt, right from the 1st day onwards. Frankly speaking, from the 4th day onwards we really felt the difference and thanked each other for this find.

Beta Alanine: Blessing in Disguise When you exercise, H+ ions start building up threatening your progress with fatigue. Beta Alanine builds a buffer whereby these H+ ions cannot interrupt instantly and you can continue exercising. (In our conditioning week, we successfully built the buffer and when we started exercising, it resisted the H+ ions with its full might).

In simple terms, ‘buffering’ helps your muscles from fatigue during your workout. The longer it takes for your muscles to become tired, the more sets, reps, and weight you’ll be able to lift. Moreover, studies show that taking beta alanine for 6 weeks can help you gain over 1 kilo of lean muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Now you know why the “interruption” worked as a charm and we progressed on the right track.

Note We stopped this supplement after 8 weeks and restarted after giving it a month break. Most of the journals we read, said so and we complied. The benefit easily covered the entire month.

Creatine, the best supplement for gaining weight fast! Creatine was the next supplement on our list because it ensures none of your weight gain will be fat. It feeds water to your muscles and they grow bigger. We all know muscles are made up of water, so no problem with that. Combined with strenuous exercises and the right diet, gaining a kilo was not at all difficult in a fortnight.

BCAA, essential for building blocks of muscle Once on the right track, we just could not go wrong. Having Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) really helps to gain weight fast as you can easily train hard and recover real fast. The biggest benefit is this supplement keeps your body in an anabolic (growing muscle) state.

The 4:1:1:1 formula meant, I got 4 grams of Leucine, responsible for building muscles and we all were good to go for the kill.

Whey and Casein Protein We avoided sugar as excess quantity deposits fat. Instead we all drank whey protein shake with almost no sugar, just healthy fats. We were careful while creating a shake and with fruits like peach, peanut or almond butter gave the much needed nutty flavour. Not much but only a few tablespoonfuls and benefited from the nutrients from the vegetarian section too.

Just 1 scoop in a day provided us with 20 grams of protein, enough for us to carry out workouts easily.

Casein before Sleeping Sleeping time is best to nourish muscles slowly and we knew this already. Over 24 grams of fine casein protein did the job for us and we woke up refreshed and rejuvenated. Hitting the gym was easy.

Over 40 grams of protein daily meant we had our nutrition just right and soon we were beaming with results.

Hard Work Seldom Fails We knew we had nailed the problem and the 5 kilo healthy weight gain spoke for itself. Our bodies were of the right size and muscles bulging at the right places. We found envied looks and gave the most pleasure. Hard work seldom fails and we are proof of this adage.

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