5 Adverse Smoking and Alcohol Effects on Bodybuilders

For "Manly" shape and looks, we do bodybuilding exercises. Bodybuilding helps beautify our bodies and it is possible when all body parts contribute their might, at the same time.  However, both smoking and alcohol have no positive within them and can only undo all the good work we do at the gym.

Top 5 Adverse Effects of Smoking

1. Smoking Breaks your Bodybuilding Efforts

With smoking, you inhale carbon monoxide preventing your muscles from getting as much oxygen to use for energy. This reduced oxygen levels mean your muscles have to very less oxygen to draw from and they become less efficient contracting, limiting their capacity for work.

This means your muscles, due to lack of oxygen tire quickly.

2. Smoking Forces Your Heart to Beat Faster

It is an established fact that, a smoker’s heart beats an average of 30 percent faster than that of a nonsmoker, it tires out quickly. Because your heart needs to work hard to achieve adequate circulation, the bodybuilders needs to use more energy during your workouts. This increased heart rate increases blood pressure, decreases blood flow which reduces your overall performance compared when performing the same exercise routine as a nonsmoker. Your diminished performance will yield less muscle than that of a healthy nonsmoker.

3. Smoking Reduces your Endurance

The tar released from cigarette smoke produces more phlegm than nonsmokers, which hinders respiration. This generates loss of breath and your ability to continue exercising longer is curbed. Your ability to endure longer workouts, or to increase the intensity of your existing exercise routine, will suffer as you use cigarettes. This loss of endurance may force you to cut your exercise short, limiting the number of repetitions you can perform and shortening the time you spend developing muscle.

4. Smoking Curbs the Self-cleaning Mechanism of Lungs

The presence of tar hinders your lungs’ natural cleansing mechanism, allowing other pollutants to collect, stick on it and increase the garbage size and diminish airflow. Because of the clinging of other foreign particles, the garbage is the most difficult to get rid off.

5. Lower Testosterone levels with Smoking

Healthy testosterone levels help while building muscles. Smoking kills the cells which produce testosterone within the body and the healthy levels drop. The testosterone governs muscle growth from exercise and directed muscle training, a lack of it in your body will significantly affect your results.

Top 5 Adverse Effects of Alcohol

1. Alcohol Damages Protein Synthesis

Alcohol impairs protein synthesis, or affects the process that builds new muscle. Research studies show that alcohol consumption is associated with a decrease in muscle weight and lean body mass. This, the researchers explain that, alcohol affects the proteins that activate muscle growth.

2. Alcohol Hampers production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Alcohol decreases the production of human growth hormone, a key part of the muscle repair & growth process, that too by up to a whopping 73%. This shows that alcohol hits hard at very vital points and by the time a person realizes, many processes have already been affected.

3. Alcohol Affects your Fat Metabolism

Have a drink and your body starts burning alcohol first, and push calories back. This means your fat burning is slowed down considerably the moment you down a drink. The recent research shows that consuming just 28 grams of alcohol, slowed fat metabolism by over 75%. This is a tremendous effect and if you take note of it, surely you know what to do overcome!

4. Alcohol can pack on Layers of Fat

Alcohol—you may wonder—packs around 8 calories per gram or approximately 175 calories in a serving, more if you mix in a sugary drink. Now you can see why drinking alcohol is the fastest way to unhealthy weight gain! All your hard work of reducing flab goes down the drain, so it is better to stay away from alcohol.

Alcohol also hampers your thinking ability and you tend to overeat. Research shows that on an average a drinker consumed around 170 calories more than when not drinking. The values add up if you have wine or beer three-four times a week and if you look at the end of the year, the addition has put on more than 4-5 kilos.

5. Alcohol Dehydrates and Deprives Water for Muscles

Alcohol is a diuretic and almost 4% extra body fluid is excreted from your body. This means your muscles will also be deprived of water, which helps them grow! Initially, a cold beer seems to quench your thirst after a hard workout, but the excess outflow has a detrimental effect. If you cannot avoid that post-workout beer, it is best to replenish water before having the beer.

Conclusion Alcohol and Smoking not only hamper your bodybuilding efforts, they also take your efforts in a negative direction. Smoking gives a temporary high but the side effects limit your endurance. Alcohol on the other hand, gives empty calories and silently packs layers of fat. Why null your hard work for these 2 stupid items?

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