3 Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Hard Gainers

You have to trust on one thing that you are not alone; a lot of bodybuilders fall in the category of ‘sucky-genetics’ and this is the major reason why they get involved in bodybuilding on the first place. You don’t blame those staring eyes because you know that you bust yourself in gym for 5 days a week and still you have so much little to show. If you are tired of being skinny and getting blank stares from people, then here are 3 bodybuilding supplements that you can try. Supplement companies exploit and take advantage of your embarrassment and desires to look good by promising you a huge body and gains.

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They give you promises of better than steroids and dramatic feats of strength, but you start to realize it soon that their promises just a bundle of crap. But before you jump on any supplement in order to get a wonderful and spectacular body, you must know few things about it. Supplements are the not the key to get dream body that you have always wanted but it can make 10% difference in your body, if you have right kind of diet, training and lifestyle, all at once. The fact is, there is not best supplement for everyone, if you realize that you are a hardgainer then you must try bodybuilding supplements rather than trying other glitzy tricks in the yard.

1. Creatine:-

It is normal perception of guys that if they take creatine, then they are going to build their body. But these individuals are very misled and they don’t have the proper understanding of what creatine could do to your body and what it won’t. The real work of creatine is to put in the hard work that you do at the gym on daily basis. Creatine does this by replenishing the high energy compound called creatine phosphate, as this compound is needed by the muscles to keep contracting with intensity and if you are going to keep lifting the weight at gym. When the creatine store in your body runs out then you are going to feel like you have hit a wall with your workout and you won’t be able to carry on your exercise any further no matter how hard you try.  A few body building freaks have the kind of diet which is naturally high in creatine like they eat a lot of red meat, but usually, people who do heavy weight lifting fall short when it comes to creatine. This gap is fulfilled by creatine and it makes sure that the need of creatine phosphate in your system does not create a problem for you. When creatine is used properly then it can help you in working harder but it is not going to do the whole work for you.

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2. Protein powder:-

If you work hard in your gym then your protein needs are going to go up and if you try to get this level of protein with food then you are going to risk seeing the maximum muscle gains.

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3. Glutamine:-

Glutamine is a natural substance in the body which comes from the diet and helps the body to deal with daily stress it experiences at the gym. If you are going to do a heavy workout on daily basis in the gym then normal amount of glutamine will not be enough for your enough.

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